20 Best Explainer Videos Examples 2023 To Inspire You

20 Best Explainer Videos Examples 2023 To Inspire You
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In this blog, we will showcase the 20 best examples of explainer videos for 2023 that you should take advantage of in order to grab your audience's attention. As explainer videos are a great tool for capturing the attention and delivering your message effectively in today's fast-paced world.

We will feature in this post some of the best explainer videos of 2023 that are sure to inspire you simply and concisely. These videos use visuals, animation, and narration to explain complex ideas in a straightforward manner.

This list of top 20 explainer videos for 2023 has something for every type of business owner, marketer, or just someone looking for some creative inspiration. Let's take a look at the list and take a look at how the best explainer videos will impress you.

  • In the first part of the blog, we will explain what explainer videos are and the 20 best explainer video examples for 2023 to inspire you.
  • Additionally, we will understand how explainers help with any product or service and how it affects sales and marketing.

Before we step ahead let’s understand what explainer videos are and what an explainer video cost.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that explains a product, service, or idea in a clear and concise manner. These videos are often used by businesses to explain their offering to potential customers, and they can be an effective way to quickly and efficiently convey information.

Explainer videos are typically animated and use simple, easy-to-understand language to explain complex concepts.

Explainer Video Statistics:

  • Conversion Rate Increase: up to 20%
  • Average Viewer Retention Rate: 80%
  • Engagement: high
  • Effect on Competition: helps businesses stand out

In accordance with a recent study, explainer videos can improve conversion rates by up to 20%, and they are particularly effective at engaging viewers. It is estimated that the average viewer retention rate for explainer videos is approximately 80%, which is significantly higher than the average retention rate for other types of marketing content. Thus, explainer videos are able to successfully hold the attention of viewers and keep them engaged in the video for a considerable period of time.

In addition to their high viewer retention rates, explainer videos can also boost conversion rates and help businesses stand out from their competitors. These videos can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to explain their product or service to potential customers. For your explainer videos to be high-quality and effective, it's essential to work with a professional production company.

20 Best Explainer Videos Examples 2023 To Inspire You

The 20 Best explainer videos for 2023 for your inspiration are divided into four major categories:

  1. Animator Explainer Videos: These are explainer videos that use animation to explain a product, service, or idea. Examples of animator explainer videos include:
    - The "Mint" app explainer video
    - The "Dropbox" explainer video
    - The "Mailchimp" explainer video
  2. Live Action Explainer Videos: These are explainer videos that use real people and settings to explain a product, service, or idea. Examples of live-action explainer videos include:
    - The "Buffer" app explainer video
    - The "Zapier" app explainer video
    - The "Freshbooks" app explainer video
  3. Product Explainer Videos: These are explainer videos that focus on a specific product and how it works. Examples of product explainer videos include:
    - The "Apple AirPods" product explainer video
    - The "Tesla Model S" product explainer video
    - The "Microsoft Surface" product explainer video
  4. The Best 5 Explainer Videos: These are the top 5 explainer videos from the previous categories, as selected by industry experts. Examples of the best 5 explainer videos include:
    - The "Dropbox" explainer video
    - The "Mailchimp" explainer video
    - The "Buffer" app explainer video
    - The "Apple AirPods" product explainer video
    - The "Microsoft Surface" product explainer video

We will move ahead with the first type of video which is -

Animated Explainer Videos -

Animated explainer videos are a type of explainer video that uses animation to explain a product, service, or idea. These videos are typically short, often lasting only a few minutes, and they use a combination of visual elements, such as illustrations, graphics, and text, to explain a concept in a clear and concise manner.

The best animated explainer videos are often used by businesses to explain their offering to potential customers, and they can be an effective way to communicate information quickly and effectively. There are a lot of videos that are engaging and can hold the viewer's attention for a prolonged period of time, so they are an ideal tool for businesses that wish to maximize their conversion rates and differentiate themselves from the competition. Now, let’s go through the best animated explainer video companies.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is among the best animated explainer video companies in B2C and B2B brands. They use the best-animated explainer video in an effective way for them to communicate with consumers and potential customers about the features, benefits, and advantages of their products.

Microsoft also uses animated explainer videos to educate potential customers about the features, advantages, and applications of a product. Additionally, animated explainer videos are also used for the purpose of educating potential customers about a product's features, advantages, and applications. Ultimately, animated explainer videos are used to help customers make informed buying decisions.

In Video: By using animated explainer videos, they provide visual demonstrations of the product, highlight its advantages, and provide a more detailed explanation of how the product works and what it can do. Animated explainer video companies also use to demonstrate the product in different scenarios, demonstrate how it can be used in different ways, and demonstrate how it can be tailored to the specific needs of the user. As well as promoting special offers, discounts, and other promotions,

2. MyCOI

As part of MyCOI comprehensive visual explanation of its products and services, the best-animated explainer videos provide potential customers with a concise and engaging visual presentation. As a general rule, these videos will include an animated storyline that features characters and dialogue to give viewers a better understanding of what the product is and how it can benefit them. It is also possible to explain complex topics with animations, which are more effective than traditional texts or speech-only explanations.

In Video: Aside from demonstrating how their products integrate with existing systems, MyCOI’s explainer video animation can also provide examples of different use cases, customer testimonials, and provide examples of different products and services that they offer. Through the use of animation, MyCOI is able to demonstrate the value of its products and services in a fun, engaging, and visually appealing manner.

3. Med Mart

With the help of this 3D animated explainer video, MedMart customers can easily make people understand the purpose and use of their products. The explainer provides a comprehensive view of the products and creates a better user experience. It also helps the customers to make a more informed decision when purchasing a product. Furthermore, the explainer gives customers a good insight into the features of a product as well as useful tips and tricks for better usage.

MedMart's best-animated explainer videos also serve as a marketing tool for the company. They not only increase the engagement of customers with the products but also help to create a better brand image in the market.

In Video: For each product, MedMart creates an engaging and informative explainer video to support its customers. These explainer videos are short, concise, informative, and provide a step-by-step procedure for the product's usage. The videos are available in different languages and can be easily accessed through the company’s website.

4. Legalease

In Leagalease's animated explainer videos, customers are able to quickly become familiar with the product and its features, allowing them to better understand it. There is a clear call to action at the end, encouraging viewers to try out the product. The animated characters provide a sense of warmth that makes the viewer feel more connected to the product.

As a whole, Legalease has been able to produce a compelling explainer video, which clearly conveys the importance of the service it offers in an engaging manner.

In Video: The videos are entertaining and informative, making them engaging and allowing users to remember the essential features of the product. In addition to educating potential customers about their services, Legalease also uses explainer videos to help them make informed decisions.

5. Ibexa

The goal of the Ibexa best-animated explainer video is to quickly and effectively communicate the product or service’s value proposition to viewers. The video should focus on the key points of the product or service, communicating them in a clear, concise, and engaging way. By utilizing visuals and compelling voice-overs, explainer videos capture attention, create excitement, and leave viewers with a deeper understanding of the product or service.

In Video: The video begins by introducing the company and its product, Ibexa. It then outlines the benefits of the product, making it clear that both landlords and tenants will benefit.

The video then breaks down the Ibexaprocess into simple steps and provides visuals to help explain each of them. Finally, the video concludes with a call to action to start using the Ibexa platform to find the perfect rental agreement.

Live Action Explainer Videos -

Live-action explainer videos are a type of explainer video that uses real people and settings to explain a product, service, or idea. These videos often use actors or real people to demonstrate how a product works or to explain the benefits of a service.

Live-action explainer videos can be an effective way to explain a concept to viewers, and they can help to create a more personal and relatable connection with the audience. These videos are often more engaging than animated explainer videos and can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase their conversion rates and stand out from the competition.

1. Fiver

For businesses to remain competitive, they must keep up with the latest trends as technology continues to evolve. One recent trend in marketing is the use of animated explainer videos. Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services is one company taking advantage of this trend. Fiverr utilizes live-action explainer videos to convey its products and services in a fun and engaging way to potential customers. This type of medium also makes it easier for Fiverr to explain complex concepts and provide better customer service

In Video: In this video, we meet two interesting and relatable characters who start small and use Fiverr to get the support they need to reach the next level. In this video, they battle insurmountable odds and come out triumphant.

Despite the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face, the video illustrates the importance of never quitting, even in the face of adversity.

Throughout the video, the visuals, motions, and sounds are beautiful and vivid

As the video ends, the four entrepreneurs are shown walking together, symbolizing Fiverr's community and tying the entire story together. Overall, this video does a fantastic job of showcasing the power of the Fiverr platform and how it can help aspiring entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

2. Twitter

This live-action explainer video will focus on the key features and benefits of using Twitter. As well as illustrating how Twitter can be used to share important messages, ideas, and information, the video will show how it can be used to connect with people, engage in conversations, and share content. In addition to explaining how easy it is to use and set up Twitter, the video also discusses its security and safety protocols. The video will also take a look at how one can customize and personalize their Twitter account. Finally, the video will show how one can get started.

In Video: The character explains how Twitter helps people to stay connected with the latest news and conversations, and how it is the easiest way to keep up with the world. As viewers learn how to create an account and interact with friends, the video highlights popular features and tools such as hashtag searches and Trends. As the character ends the video, he shouts "Twitter!" and thanks everyone for connecting with him. The video then fades out as the police cars drive away and the onlookers dissipate.

Romesh explains the features of Twitter in a light-hearted and comical way, playing off the dramatic scene from earlier and providing a refreshing dose of comedy to the explainer video. He encourages viewers to 'join the conversation' and advises viewers that it doesn't matter what they talk about - as long as they do it on Twitter. The video is a great example of using humor and drama to explain a product in a way that engages viewers and creates a lasting impression.

3. Grammarly

By incorporating live-action SaaS explainer videos into their marketing strategy, Grammarly is able to provide their customers with more information about their product and its features in 30 second explainer videos. It is an interactive and engaging way of learning about Grammarly's purpose and value through the videos. The company aims to make sure its customers understand what makes it a writing assistant unique by providing step-by-step instructions and insightful storyboards.

In Video: Using a live-action video, Grammarly has created an explainer video that explains the product's benefits and features in an engaging and simple way. They get viewers to feel connected to the product because they can see real people using it and experience its features for themselves. Using eye-catching visuals and realistic characters, the video quickly and easily grabs the viewer's attention.

Humor is also used in the explainer video to make its points. This lightens up the presentation.

Overall, Grammarly's explainer video effectively communicates the features and benefits of their product in an entertaining way that resonates with their target audience. The combination of live-action and humor ensures that the viewer is engaged, informed, and motivated to purchase.

4. PayPal

Using sharp cuts and visuals to explain the product in a straightforward and accessible manner is the hallmark of the live-action explainer video, which uses a high-energy presentation to engage viewers and enable them to understand how to use the service quickly and efficiently. This video presents a number of features and benefits of the product in a way that engages viewers. By using an explainer video, PayPal is able to raise awareness about its product and attract more customers to its service, which is an effective method of increasing sales.

In  Video: It starts off with a live-action interview with a couple in a laundromat. This gives us a better idea of PayPal and the business it's in: it makes it easier for people to send and receive money. We learn more about PayPal's different ways of making sending money easier as we follow this couple through a graphics-heavy, animation-driven world that is filled with animations.

In the next segment of the advert, we see a seamless blend of live action and animation that illustrates the more complex and innovative aspect of PayPal's services: its ability to accept multiple currencies at the same time.

5. Amazon Go

With Amazon Go's live-action explainer video, the customer is shown how their automated checkout process works using a combination of live-action and animation. In the video, a customer enters an Amazon Go store and seamlessly shops, paying without having to wait in line or scan items. This video uses a combination of hand-drawn animation and real-life footage to create an engaging and informative explainer video.

The live-action explainer video for Amazon Go provides viewers with an easy-to-understand look at the automated checkout process and how it works.

In Video: Through this video, customers can easily understand the process and get the full experience of Amazon Go’s automated checkout system, which sets it apart from traditional checkout methods. This concept is well demonstrated in the Amazon Go explainer video, which offers customers an inside look at the automated checkout system before they try it out. As well as giving viewers a better understanding of the service before they sign up, the combination of live-action and animation gives the video a captivating and engaging feel that's sure to draw viewers in.

During the video, the visuals illustrate how convenient the experience is, while the music provides a sense of energy and enthusiasm. The explainer video is a great way to get people excited about Amazon Go's innovative technology and get them eager to try it out for themselves.

Product Explainer Videos -

Product explainer videos are a type of explainer video that focuses on a specific product and how it works. These videos are often used by businesses to showcase their products and explain their features and benefits to potential customers.

By providing potential customers with the information they need to make a buying decision, product explainer videos can be an effective means of demonstrating a product's capabilities and features, and they can help to increase conversions. Businesses looking to increase conversion rates and stand out from the competition can benefit from these videos, as they are often engaging and can hold the viewer's attention.

1. Spotify

The product explainer videos for Spotify focus on conveying the key message of how their product works and why it’s valuable. They demonstrate how easy and seamless the app works using real-life scenarios. Visuals provide users with a sense of emotional connection to the product while helping them better understand its features.

Engaging users and communicating the value of a product can be accomplished with live-action explainer videos

In Video: The video features real people using their app in different scenarios, including a couple at a restaurant, a student listening to music in their room, and a family making a playlist together. Spotify's intuitive and sophisticated algorithm as well as its highly customizable nature are subtly highlighted in every scene.

In the end, Spotify’s live-action explainer video is an effective form of communication that resonates with viewers and entices them to buy the product. The video is a

It also provides a great insight into Spotify's values: they believe in personalization and customization, and their video shows exactly how they allow users to do exactly that. In addition to explaining why Spotify is a great choice, this video also provides a friendly and informative tutorial on how to use it.

2. Visa

The product explainer video helps Visa customers learn about new products, services, and features. They simplify complex concepts and processes, providing easy-to-understand explanations of Visa's benefits and capabilities.

In the videos, Visa experts and customers demonstrate how to use the product and its benefits. In addition to making the content easier to digest, explainer videos also provide visual appeal, making them an ideal tool for marketing and advertising campaigns.

This video uses vibrant colors and bold typography to convey a professional and approachable atmosphere. The sound design evokes a sense of adventure and adds ambiance to the story.

In Video: Video elements include simple visuals that reinforce the script and keep viewers engaged, as well as audio effects and background music that add to the overall story.

This product explainer video is fantastic at presenting complex concepts and processes in a way that is digestible for customers so that they are better able to understand Visa's services and the benefits they provide.

The explainer video has a clear structure and flow, with each step of the video adding to the overall narrative. The video features different characters, including experts and customers, which helps to create a more relatable viewing experience.

3. Asana

The product explainer video for Asana begins with a shot of someone working at a desk, concentrating on their laptop as the music begins to play. Various people from different walks of life are shown working in various work environments. All of them are using the same project management software, Asana, to collaborate and organize themselves better.

In Video: A voice-over narration begins, explaining the different ways Asana can help make life easier. We see the product in action, with people collaborating on a project, tracking progress, and sharing notes and updates.

Asana's product explainer video has a lasting impact due to its sleek visuals and straightforward message. By combining creativity and production, you can create an explainer video that educates viewers and leaves them wanting more.

At the end of the video, a call to action appears with the tagline "Make Work Easy With Asana".

4. PlayStation

A product explainer video demonstrates the PlayStation console's immense power and why it is such a popular gaming platform that comes with huge explainer video production. Featuring a panning shot of a console and a close-up of controller buttons in the hands of a live-action gamer, the video opens with a pan of the console. In the video, thrilling gameplay moments are shown as the gamer explains its ease of use and customization. PlayStation offers a wide range of experiences, from single-player action to intense multiplayer experiences.

In Video: This video promises to captivate any enthusiast with its intense visuals and sound design, coupled with the enthusiastic narration of the gamer. In addition to promoting their product, PlayStation will be able to remind their customers why they chose their console and why the decision was worth it, and, of course, encourage more gamers to join the PlayStation universe with this explainer video.

The explainer video is an effective way to show off PlayStation's offerings and convince more people to buy the console. It highlights all the core features and the sheer power that it offers. As a result, PlayStation will be able to stand out and promote its products more effectively.

5. Samsung

Samsung's explainer video explains and demonstrates their products' features and benefits to existing and potential customers with the best explainer videos. In addition to serving as a great marketing tool, it also showcases the product's capabilities and communicates a message that resonates with the target audience which shows the quality of explainer video services. Videos that explain products are engaging, shareable, and effective marketing tools.

In Video: It's an excellent example that demonstrates how video can be used to educate and persuade viewers to purchase a product whenever it is presented in a way that brings the product to life, creates a buzz, and influences them to buy it.

In terms of production value and quality, it is world-class, and, therefore, it is an effective method of marketing and increasing the sales of a product.

The Best Explainer Video -

An explainer video is a video that is able to clearly and concisely explain a product, service, or idea in an effective manner. As a rule, these videos tend to utilize engaging visuals and simple, easy-to-understand language in order to keep the viewer's attention and convey information effectively.

A good explainer video can demonstrate the features and benefits of a product and service effectively by using a combination of animation and live action. It is common for these videos to be humorous and relatable, in order to engage the viewers, as well as to increase the conversion rate of the video by effectively holding their attention.

1. Apple Watch

The video starts by introducing Apple's newest wearable, the Apple Watch. It then dives into the features and benefits of the product, as well as highlighting the potential of wearable technology. This video illustrates the use of a watch in everyday life, such as tracking health data or making payments securely. In addition to capturing Apple's latest product's energy and innovation, the video has a modern soundtrack. In the end, viewers are left with a clear understanding of the product's capabilities and why they should invest in it.

In Video: As part of their efforts to explain the iPhone's wide range of features and capabilities, Apple also created a series of videos. There is no doubt that Apple's videos do an excellent job of helping customers understand why they should buy an iPhone, whether it's unboxing videos or videos highlighting the Dual Camera's power, combined with its stunning design. The iPhone Upgrade Program Video makes upgrading to the latest iPhone easier and more affordable than ever.

People using iPhones are portrayed in Apple's "Life is Easier on iPhone" video. The video follows different people of different backgrounds and ages, demonstrating how the iPhone can provide users with a seamless and intuitive way of doing things such as making calls, taking photos, and even ordering food. Inspiring viewers to take full advantage of the life-changing technology they possess, the video is incredibly powerful and makes Apple the best explainer video company.

2. Dead Happy

The Dead Happy company creates explainer videos for businesses. They specialize in providing engaging, high-quality explainer videos that describe products, services, processes, and more. In explainer videos, businesses explain what they offer customers and prospects and how they operate to them. In order to effectively and concisely convey their message, they are designed to be engaging and informative. Animation and motion graphics are used to produce Dead Happy's explainer videos, which are visually appealing and easy to understand.

In Video: Through explainer videos, Dead Happy transforms the complexities and anxieties of life insurance into easy-to-understand concepts. Dead Happy makes life insurance less intimidating and more understandable through colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow narration. From outlining the different types of coverages to explaining the application process, DeadHappy breaks down the basics of life insurance. Potential customers are able to get a better understanding of the concept through the videos without feeling pressured.

With animation and motion graphics, as well as humor and storytelling, Dead Happy creates explainer videos that are engaging, creative, and informative.

3. Guide Dogs

An easy-to-understand explanation of Guide Dogs Inc.'s products is provided in a series of videos. Using this series of videos, people can gain a better understanding of the product and make informed decisions when considering it by understanding its features, benefits, and limitations. Additionally, these videos provide people with helpful tips on using, caring for, and training their guide dogs. In addition to discussing possible drawbacks, the videos also discuss potential financial costs associated with owning a guide dog

In Video: The video shows how a puppy raiser and guide dog develop a relationship over time, with the puppy learning basic commands as it grows older. It also shows the hard work and dedication of the puppy raisers and Guide Dogs staff in preparing the guide dog for its future life.

By viewing this video, people can better understand the intensive training a puppy must undergo to become a qualified and helpful guide dog, which can have a significant positive impact on the lives of disabled people.

4. Headspace

In this video, the concept of Headspace is introduced in a captivating and captivating way through colorful designs and clever animations that demonstrate its ability to improve people's lives. As well as highlighting the many benefits of regular meditation, the product also reveals how it can help reduce stress and improve focus, making it easy for potential customers to see its value.

In Video: A great example of how Headspace promotes its product creatively and effectively is this explainer video. It is engaging, entertaining, and their videos used humor and creative visuals to explain the concept of meditation and mindfulness in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

The explainer video conveyed the message that by taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate you can transform your life. Mediation reduces stress, improves focus, and sharpens mental clarity when practiced consistently.

As a result, these videos provide users with an easy way to try something new and potentially transform their lives.

5. Kurzhesagt

Providing top-notch explainer videos for their products is a top priority at Kurzhesagt. They offer a professional yet enjoyable viewing experience with their explainer videos, which are designed to help customers better understand the company's products, services, and solutions. They are designed to be both visually appealing and engaging.

In Video: In Kurzgesagt's explainer videos, complex topics such as quantum computing and data science are explained through visuals, animations, and engaging dialogue. Kurzgesagt's videos are both entertaining and informative, making them one of the most popular and successful explainer videos.

Kurzgesagt's explainer videos are unique and effective. By using visuals and animation, they simplify complex concepts in a way that viewers can easily grasp.

Kurzgesagt's explainer videos are successful because they tell stories, keep viewers engaged, and explain complex topics in a simple but interesting way. They are an effective tool to help customers learn more about a company or product quickly and efficiently.

Why Are Explainer Videos Effective in Sales and Marketing?

The explainer videos are a short, concise way of explaining a product, service, or concept in an easy-to-understand manner. In sales and marketing, they are often used as a quick and effective way to show potential customers the value of a product or service.

There are several ways in which explainer videos can help with sales and marketing:

  1. Enhanced understanding and retention: Explainer videos are extremely effective in conveying complex ideas in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Using visual elements like graphics, animations, and demonstrations, helps viewers gain a better understanding of what is being presented. Therefore, explainer videos can help consumers better understand and retain information about products or services.
  2. Increased engagement: Explainer videos can keep viewers interested in learning more about a product or service by being engaging and attention-grabbing. Explainer videos can build an emotional connection with viewers through storytelling and animation, which leads to greater engagement and ultimately higher conversion rates.
  3. A larger audience: Explainer videos can be shared across a wide range of platforms, such as social media, websites, and email campaigns, allowing businesses to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness for their products and services.
  4. Increased sales: Approximately 74% of people who watched explainer videos about a product subsequently bought it as a result of a study conducted by Wyzowl. Additionally, the same study stated that by incorporating explainer videos on landing pages, an increase of up to 20% in conversions can be achieved.

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Finally, explainer videos can be a very valuable tool when it comes to explaining what a business offers to potential customers. By using engaging visuals and simple language that is easy to understand, these videos can increase conversions and help businesses stand out from their competitors. In addition to providing an effective way to increase conversion rates, these videos can also be a powerful way to stand out in the crowd.

Explainer videos, along with their high viewer retention rates and ability to increase conversion rates, can also help businesses to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In an era where visuals and simple, easy-to-understand language are used to communicate an idea, product, or service in a way that is relatable and engaging, explainer videos are an effective tool for demonstrating a product, service, or concept. Businesses can make use of this to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to attract new customers.


1. What are explainer videos and how to make an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short, animated videos that help to explain a product, service, or concept in a simple and engaging way. They are an effective way to quickly and clearly communicate information to a target audience and can help to improve brand awareness and increase sales.

2. What are some examples of good explainer videos?

Some of the best explainer videos are creative, engaging, and easy to understand. Examples of good explainer videos include Dropbox's "The Dropbox Story" video, which tells the company's origin story in a fun and relatable way, and Mailchimp's "Did You Mean Mailchimp?" video, which uses humor and clever animation to explain the company's name and services.

3. How long should an explainer video be?

The ideal length for an explainer video is between one and two minutes. This is enough time to effectively explain a concept or product, without losing the audience's attention.

4. How much does it cost to create an explainer video?

The cost of creating an explainer video can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the concept, the length of the video, and the quality of the animation. On average, explainer videos can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.