How These 5 B2B Companies Are Effectively Using Their Explainer Videos To Drive Sales

How These 5 B2B Companies Are Effectively Using Their Explainer Videos To Drive Sales
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In the modern business world, companies need to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that takes advantage of the latest technology and trends.

According to a study by Webdew, 73% of all video content in video marketing campaigns is made up of explainer videos.

B2B companies can especially benefit from utilizing explainer videos to drive sales because they allow businesses to stand out from their competitors and reach potential customers with a compelling and informative message.

This blog post is about how 5 important B2B companies mastered the art of using animated explainer videos to increase conversion rate.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short, creative videos that help explain a company’s services, products, or ideas. Business-to-business (B2B) companies are increasingly using them as part of their online marketing strategy to engage with potential customers, build brand recognition, and increase sales.

These videos are typically short — lasting between 30 seconds and two minutes — and often employ animation or other visual elements to illustrate the message they’re trying to communicate.

These types of videos create an emotional connection between the viewer and the brand, often resulting in increased conversions.

Depending on the company’s needs, explainer videos can be used to boost your social media, email newsletters, or on a company’s website. By utilizing visuals as well as text, the best animated explainer videos can make complex concepts easily understandable while also entertaining viewers.

Here is an explainer video example created by Explainer Video Hero for HopSkip, a platform for meetings and hospitality professionals:

5 Explainer video examples from big B2B companies

We have compiled a list of B2B companies along with their explainer video examples that played a big role in driving sales. Explainer videos played a big role in popularizing their products and helping them carve out a sizable chunk of the market share in a competitive market. Let’s look at them:

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses automate their communication with customers. To help people better understand what the company does, MailChimp creates some of the best explainer videos.

Their explainer videos are designed to be simple and entertaining, yet informative.

  • MailChimp follows a simple concept using eye-catching visuals, fun music, and concise language to create explainer videos that helps people quickly understand what MailChimp offers—and how it can help make their marketing campaigns better.
  • Marketing needs analytics to be really ineffective. Not only do they have great analytics tools but their explainer videos also explain how users can use them to measure success and optimize campaigns.

Watch this explainer video example that uses simple animations to explain the concept of merge tags:

Statistics:  Mailchimp's dominance of email marketing can be seen in their competitors only making up 16.85% of the market, according to Enlyft.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading marketing automation company. The company is known as much for its explainer videos as it is for its product.

HubSpot explainer videos are always detailed and on many occasions they use real people in a real setting like an office. Instead of using animations, background music, and such, they stick to the basic style of making explainer videos.

Given the nature of their product, their approach makes perfect sense as it helps other businesses who are facing similar issues to identify closely with their explainer video and in turn, their product and services.

This explainer video example is called ‘What is HubSpot’ and is no exception to the template they follow. They show an office where utter chaos reigns because the employees are clueless about streamlining their operations until someone mentions HubSpot.

The employee then leads the entire office to a conference room where she proceeds to explain the product in detail. In the latter part of the video, many employees are shown talking about how they realize using HubSpot can help them solve their and customers’ problems:

Statistics: According to Enlyft, HubSpot is a market leader commanding a market share of 36.51%

3. Asana

Asana, a work management platform, recognizes the need for explainer videos. For them,  videos are an interesting way to provide information about their services to potential customers.

They have witnessed that using the best explainer videos to do all the heavy lifting can save them time and money in the long run, not to speak of shorter sales cycles.

To show viewers their product's features, and how it can help businesses stay connected to customers, they weave a story into their video.

They also use simple language and visuals to engage viewers so that even people who haven't used Asana before can understand its features and sign up.

As far as style is concerned, they use bright and colorful colors and lively animations. Adding catchy music and fun characters to the mix instantly grabs the viewer's attention.

This explainer video example is a good example of effective storytelling using a real-life scenario:

Statistics: According to Enlyft, Asana is used by nearly 20,000 companies.

4. Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and it uses explainer videos to demonstrate its various features.

These videos are designed to quickly explain how a particular feature of the Salesforce CRM can help customers achieve their goals.

The videos also provide detailed information about the specific capabilities of each feature so that customers can make more informed decisions when selecting which features to use.

Additionally, the videos highlight any special considerations or best practices associated with each feature, allowing customers to customize the implementation of Salesforce according to their unique needs.

All in all, using explainer videos to demonstrate Salesforce’s features helps customers get familiarized with the product quickly and easily, enabling them to make the most out of their investment in Salesforce's CRM technology.

This explainer video example uses use cases and real people to great effect:

Statistics: According to Enlyft, Salesforce’s market share is a commanding 40.4%.

5. Square

By offering digital payment options, Square allows businesses to do away with cash registers.

With a product that involves payments, customers need to be convinced about how easy and safe these transactions are.

Square videos are very hands-on, and this explainer video example is no exception. It describes the working of the Square Register, a one point of sale system, with two screens. A pizza restaurant with waiting customers is the setting for the action.

The explainer video explains how with just two screens this business can quickly take orders and customers can securely pay making checkouts twice as fast. In addition, they can sync both online and in person businesses and conduct your business with zero hidden fees.

Statistics: According to Enlyft, Square’s market share is a dominant 43.74%

Why might viewers stop watching an explainer video?

Creating engaging video content is an important element of successful B2B marketing. For businesses that are targeting other business entities, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowded marketplace. It is possible to impress potential clients and partners with engaging and informative video content. In fact, every B2B brands should utilize the sales and marketing power of animated explainer videos.

Content should also be tailored to the target audience and industry, as this will ensure maximum impact. Furthermore, content should be regularly updated and refreshed to keep up with changes in trends, technologies, and interests of the target audience.

By creating video content that is interesting, relevant, and engaging, companies can effectively reach out to their target audience and make them watch the videos in full. One of the important reasons for lackluster conversions is uninspiring video content.

What are the different types of explainer videos and how much do they cost?

A reputed animated explainer video production house like Explainer Video Hero is your most reliable option if you don't know how to make an explainer video. This animated explainer video company’s offerings include 3D animated explainer videos, animation explainer videos, 30 second explainer videos, explainer video animation, and SaaS explainer videos.

Animation explainer video pricing varies from company to company, depending on its length, complexity, and animation style. Explainer video cost charged by the best animated explainer video companies like Explainer Video Hero (EVH) works out to USD 2,000 for a one-minute video. EVH offers explainer video services through remote video production.


Explainer videos are an invaluable tool for B2B companies to effectively reach, engage, and convert their target audience.

We saw how top B2B companies are relying on explainer videos to be market leaders in our explainer video examples.

In conclusion, explainer videos have proved to be an essential tool for B2B companies looking to generate more leads and close more sales.


1. How does good content marketing using explainer videos help B2B brands?

Content marketing campaigns using explainer videos can help their customers by providing value-driven information that is beneficial to a B2B relationship. Ultimately, content marketing ensures that businesses stand out from the competition and that prospects are easily convinced to do business with them.

2. How do explainer videos help B2B brands beat the competition?

By blending the perfect combination of sound, visuals, and storytelling, explainer videos can help B2B companies break through the noise of the online marketplace and capture the attention of their ideal customers. Not only are explainer videos an effective way to educate potential customers about a product or service, but they also drive sales.

3. How do explainer videos help B2B marketing?

Explainer videos improve brand awareness, simplify complex processes for customers, and drive sales. Their efficacy in driving conversions has made more B2B companies, including the market leaders, make them an integral part of their marketing arsenal.

4. Why are explainer videos effective in engaging customers and driving sales?

The effectiveness of explainer videos lies in their ability to communicate complex concepts through a unique visual experience. Furthermore, they engage audiences with visuals that hold their attention longer than text-based or audio-based explanations by conveying the facts quickly and concisely. This aspect helps prospects make up their minds quickly about signing up.