Top 12 Animated Explainer Video Companies

Top 12 Animated Explainer Video Companies
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This guide has been put together to help your B2B brand choose the best animated explainer video company from our curated list.

An animated explainer video is a type of video that uses animation to tell a story or explain a concept. These videos are used by B2B brands to explain their products or services, and they can be very effective in getting a message across.

Animated explainer videos are gaining in popularity because of their proven ability to draw in audiences and make them stay on your website for longer than would otherwise be possible.

Statista data shows that 85% of US internet users watch videos online.

There are many different types of animated explainer videos, and the style of animation can vary depending on the animated explainer video company that produces them.

Why do you need a professional explainer video company?

If your B2B brand wants to create an explainer video that will engage and increase conversion rate, you need to work with a professional explainer video company.

These explainer video companies specialize in creating high-quality animated explainers that tell a story and communicate a message clearly. With their help, you can create a video that will capture attention and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

To make your task easier, we will look at 10 of the best animated explainer video companies, based on such criteria as their industry standing, quality of the portfolio, and value for money.

Animated ‍Explainer Video Company: The Top 12 List of the Best ‍Explainer Video Companies

1. BluBlu Studios

This global, design-driven animation production company with offices in Chicago and Tokyo was founded in 2014 and is based out of Poland.

They are open to working with both small and big companies. BluBlu has won several accolades including Telly Awards 2021 - Golden Telly Winner.

Specialties: 2D animation | motion graphics animated videos | explainer videos | animated series | animated commercials | and more

Clients: Mitsubishi | Microsoft | Forbes | IKEA | Subaru | Panasonic | TEDx | Lenovo | Sensei

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 5,000

Example: The animated explainer video uses fluid graphics and great narration to explain how autonomous stores can make shopping simpler, enjoyable, and efficient using the Sensei app:

2. Content Beta

Established in 2020, Content Beta specializes in SaaS-based video production. As an animated explainer video company that offers remote video production services, they have created some of the best explainer videos.

They are headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, India, and have added more than 100 B2B brands to their client list in record time.

They are well known for their creative use of UI animation and motion graphics.

Specialties: Animated explainer videos | Product demo videos | Onboarding videos | Video course | Article to videos | Remote video testimonials | Customer support videos | Presentation design service

Clients: Kissflow | Flipkart | TapClicks | Book Like A Boss | DirectIQ | | | ManyChat | Jivochat | and more

Average Price:  As per Content Beta flat-rate pricing policy charges USD 2,400 for videos of up to 1 minute. The delivery time is about 14 working days.

Example: This animated explainer video from their portfolio was created for Jivochat, the Live Chat Software for Websites, and explains using simple animation how the software application can help you convert website visitors into paying customers.

3. Simple Story

This Ottawa-based award-winning explainer video creation company was founded in 2011. They have created hundreds of animations and live-action videos for a variety of industries, including Fortune 500 companies.

Specialties: Explainer videos | Brand videos | Product videos | Tutorial videos | Testimonial videos | Trailer | Commercials

Clients: CITRIX | Shopify | ATLASSIAN | Siena | Coca Cola | Walmart | L'Oreal Paris | and more

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 10,000+

Example: This animated explainer video created for US Bank demonstrates how their virtual all-in-one corporate card can help employees keep the operations running without any constraints:

4. Planet Nutshell

Planet Nutshell has been making videos since 2007. Based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts,  they cater to startups, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. They call themselves ‘A full-service storytelling studio with a focus on animation.’

Clients: Google | Microsoft | Stanford Children’s Health | Amazon | athenahealth | PBS | and more

Specialties: Explainer videos | Animated educational shorts

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 10,000+

Example: This animated explainer video created for Covetrus, a global animal-health company, explains how your pets-at-the-vets experience can be hassle-free. This is a good example of how subtle humor can make for an enjoyable viewing experience:

5. Explainer Video Hero

Founded in 2020, Explainer Video Hero or EVH is well-known for its marketing videos and customer education content for software companies. This animated explainer video company creates live-action and animated explainer videos with unlimited revisions.

They have 80+ satisfied clients who share more than 10,000 minutes of video content produced by EVH.

They charge USD 2,000 for every minute of animated explainer videos and USD 1,000 for live-action videos

Check out the animated explainer video created for the booking page builder, Book Like A Boss:

6. Switch Video

Switch was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Collingwood, Ontario. The company has made over 1,000 custom videos in over 15 languages across 11 verticals for clients worldwide since then.

Clients: NESPRESSO | Box | CISCO | Hewlett Packard | Amazon | Pure storage | and more

Specialties: Education videos | Finance videos | Government videos | Healthcare videos | Human Resources videos | Manufacturing videos | Non-profit videos

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 10,000+

Example: This animated explainer video was created for cyber security company RiskIQ that explains the importance of also having security outside the firewall to protect your data assets:

7. Common Craft

Based in Seattle, Washington, and founded in 2007, Common Craft has evolved into a respected name in the field of explainer videos. They are also the winners of the Communicator Excellence Award: International Academy of Visual Arts.

Clients: N/A

Specialties: You can use their templates and downloadable graphics to make animated explainer videos.

Average Price: Streaming - USD15 per month | Full access - USD 159 per year

Example: This animated explainer video is about how to teach internet security using basic animation coupled with peppy narration:

8. Explain Ninja

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Explain Ninja is a well-known name in the video production business and offers animation and post-production services.

They say they can help clients to break out through digital noise and maximize prospect engagement and drive ROI.

Clients: Google | Codio | TOTAL |  pipedrive | ATLASSIAN | swisscom | Zense | and more

Specialties: Animated explainer videos | 90-second videos | 60-second videos | 30-second explainer videos | 2D & 3D animation videos | Animated sales videos

Average Price: Their plans include Micro, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Business. Each plan comes with a set of predetermined services. Minimum project size: USD 5,000

Example: This animated explainer video created for Zoominfo Engage, a Sales Engagement Platform & Workflow Tool, explains how people can close more deals faster:

9. Explainify

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Explainify follows a patented 5-step ‘Frustration-Free' creative process: Uncovery, scripting, storyboarding, vocal talent, animation, and sound design.

Clients: MOZ | NETSUITE | BOSCH | CipherCloud | GE | DEMANDBASE | and more

Specialties: Video animation | Video production | Explainer videos |  Animated videos |  Company stories | Motion graphics | Video marketing | Animation | Video strategy

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 5,000+

Example: This animated explainer video created for United Medical Credit explains how their lending network helps people easily find financing for different healthcare procedures.

10. Epipheo

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, they claim they are a video company that believes in creating "aha!"​ moments.

An interesting side note is that they created the word ‘Epipheo’ by combining Epiphany and Video because videos trigger epiphanies which in turn create clarity.

Clients: MIcrosoft | SAP | Cisco | Google | DuPont | TERADATA | EPSON | and more

Specialties: 3D Explainer videos | Animated video course | Brand videos | Educational videos | Internal videos | Live Action videos | Animated Explainer videos | Social video ads

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 10,000+

Example: This animated explainer video was created back in 2009 for the now-discontinued Google Wave. The YouTube view count for this basic explainer video is 1.3 million:

11. Commotion Engine

It has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and was founded back in 2011. They can create anything from an overview video and landing page to a social media promo, with the main idea being to turn complex ideas into simple, entertaining ones.

They call their work ‘commotions’ and have a 500+ strong portfolio.

Clients: LinkedIn | Merck | Leidos | Dropbox | Amazon | Wochit | Autotrader | and more

Specialties: Explainer videos | Promo videos | Educational videos | Brand videos | 2D/3D Animation | Whiteboard | Live-action

Average Price: Minimum project size: USD 5,000+

Example: This animated explainer video explains how Amazon Global Logistics can make it possible to deliver products internationally within hours:

12. Levitate Media

Levitate Media is a San Francisco-based area video company. They are into live and animated video productions since 2009. You will be guided through the entire production process by a dedicated team, from concept to final product, making sure every step is tailored to your needs.

They have more than 2500 clients and created 10000+ videos.

Clients: Amazon | Asana | SAAB | AUTODESK | verizon | NAUTILUS | BAYER | and more

Specialties: Live-action | 2D & 3D animation | Motion graphics | Isometric animation | Mixed media

Average Price: Animated videos: USD 5,500 - USD 25,000. Live-action videos: Start at USD 12,000. Remote video productions: Start at USD 5,000.

Example: This animated explainer video created for Anitian, the security and compliance company, explains the features and benefits of their product:

What To Consider When Choosing An Explainer Video Company?

You need to check whether the animated explainer video company chosen by you offers the following services:

  • They should offer full range of services -- from Idea to Final Video
  • They should have at least 20 top companies as their clients.
  • They should offer unlimited Revisions.
  • They should offer UI/UX updates.
  • They should provide you with a dedicated Account Manager.
  • They should have a dedicated Client Portal.
  • They should supply the final product on time and take no more than 3 weeks.
  • They should offer 24/7 Email Support.
  • They should have text and video testimonials on their website.

How long does it take to make an Explainer Video?

An explainer video needs to be concise to be effective. The recommended length is under 2 minutes. On an average, it can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks. Explainer video Hero, a top animated explainer video company for example, can deliver an animated explainer in under 10 days, provided the scope is well defined and the feedback we receive.

What can I achieve using an explainer video?

Explainer videos work incredibly well in reaching your target audience and helping you reach your marketing goals. Whether you want your brand to gain awareness, generate leads, or close sales, an explainer video can help. As a marketing tool, they cut your marketing costs and increase your ROI.

Wrapping up the article

Before we wrap up, let us see what factors to keep in mind when you are looking to hire the best explainer video creation companies for your business needs.

  • First, choose a studio that has experience in creating explainer videos. Ask to see examples of their work.
  • Second, check if the studio you choose offers a variety of video formats. This way, you can be sure your video will be compatible with the platforms you want to use it on.
  • Finally, consider your budget when choosing a production studio. Some charge more than others, so it's important to find one that fits within your budget.


1. Why are explainer videos useful for businesses?

For businesses especially software and technology companies, explainer videos are great for generating leads. Imagine explaining the product's features and benefits to leads over the phone or mailing them a brochure. The best explainer video production companies can create an explainer video that can be far more effective at half the price of traditional marketing methods.

2. What is the recommended length of animated explainer videos by the best explainer video companies?

It depends on several factors such as audience type, business goals, and budget. As per a study of 100 B2B software brands by Content Beta, the typical video length is about 2:28 minutes. As a rule of thumb, shorter videos tend to work better than longer ones.

3. What will be included in the final delivery by explainer video companies?

Explainer Video Hero, one of the top animated explainer video companies, creates your content from scratch. They provide you with full legal ownership of the files as soon as the final product is delivered to you. However images, vector files, stock videos, and illustrations are owned by third parties and are licensed for use without crediting them.

4. How much do animated explainer videos cost?

Animated explainer video pricing can vary based on the company because explainer video cost is dependent on video length, complexity, and animation style. Typically, the best animated explainer video companies like Explainer Video Hero will create a 1-minute animated explainer video for US 2,000 through their explainer video services.