How to Boost Your Lead Generation Using Brand Explainer Videos

How to Boost Your Lead Generation Using Brand Explainer Videos
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Videos have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to capture viewers’ attention and provide them with concise information in a visually stimulating package. A study by Social Shephard found that people watch videos 84 minutes each day worldwide. That kind of attention isn't available with any other medium.

Brand explainer videos take advantage of this trend by delivering messages about brands quickly and effectively. They also adopt a more personal approach than traditional marketing methods such as print media or website copywriting.

In this 3-part blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at brand explainer videos and what makes them work:

  • Part I: Introduction to brand explainer videos & lead generation
  • Part II: Boosting your lead generation using brand explainer videos
  • Part III: More about brand explainer videos: Cost & using explainer video services

Part I: Introduction to Brand Explainer Videos & Lead Generation

1. What is a Brand Explainer Video?

Brand explainer videos allow B2B brands to showcase their expertise while creating an emotional connection between their product offerings and potential customers. They have the potential to convert viewers into paying customers if they impress them.

Explainer videos don’t just benefit large companies – small businesses can benefit too. In fact, by producing high-quality brand explainer videos, even small traders can maximize exposure for their services among target audiences who may otherwise be unaware of what they offer.

Therefore, it's clear that B2B brands can use well-crafted explainer videos to improve their customer acquisition rates.

To understand the power of explainer videos, watch this brand explainer video example from Airtable, which provides a good account of what the product does.

2. What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding and converting prospects into customers. It’s an essential tool for businesses that want to grow their customer base and increase sales.

The most effective way to generate leads is by creating brand explainer videos, which are short animated videos that explain a business's products or services.

Moreover, a B2B brand can also take advantage of multi-channel marketing strategies like email campaigns and social media outreach as part of your lead generation strategy. Companies can embed them on landing pages and websites too.

This strategy can help drive traffic directly back to your website where visitors can learn more information and potentially convert them into paying customers.

Part II: Boosting Your Lead Generation Using Brand Explainer Videos

In this section, we’ll look at some lead generation strategies. Here are some advantages of using animated explainer videos in your B2B brand’s lead generation campaigns:

  • The best animated explainer videos can provide detailed product information quickly.
  • They are easy to understand and provide higher ROI than other forms of digital advertising due to their low cost and high impact.
  • They drive social sharing which leads to increased visibility and more prospects.

In addition to these advantages, several factors influence successful lead generation such as timing, targeting, personalization, etc.

This well-made explainer video by Slack about the benefits of using their instant messaging program has been viewed by 247K people. Assuming a click-through rate of 10%, the video could encourage at least 25K viewers to learn more about the product.

Next, we’ll look at 7 ways to boost lead generation using brand explainer videos:

1. Use your brand explainer videos to craft a compelling brand message

Think of your B2B brand as a lighthouse that guides potential customers to your products and services. Crafting the right brand message is key if you want to leverage animated explainer videos as part of your lead generation strategy.

Add these 4 elements to your message:

Start by finding out who your target audience is and what they want. You need to tell them why they should care about what you offer next and how it'll help them in simple language.

Add motion graphics, characters, images, and sound effects to bring the story to life. Keep your focus on explaining the benefits of choosing your product or service over those offered by competitors.

Watch this explainer video example from The video is colorful and fast-paced and makes for an engaging viewing experience.

2. Promote your brand explainer video online

Where should you host your animated brand explainer video? Depending on your target audience and budget, there are several options available.

To boost your lead generation, consider these strategies:

  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. YouTube is known for its wide reach, while Vimeo provides more customization options. Include a link to your website.
  • Run paid ad campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, and other popular sites.
  • Share your brand explainer video in online communities and forums related to your industry to build brand credibility.
  • Approach influencers who are already established in the industry or niche related to yours to share your video or review it so their followers get exposed to it too.

Keep in mind that It takes time and effort to implement these strategies, but they can maximize exposure for your B2B brand and gain valuable insight into potential customers' interests.

Here is a brand explainer example created by Explainer Video Hero for myCOI, a software application for streamlining third-party compliance for clients.

3. Use your brand explainer videos in email campaigns

Integrating brand explainer videos into email campaigns is an effective way to boost lead generation and conversion.

Incorporating them strategically as part of a well-planned email marketing strategy can help you capture the attention of your target audience quickly. Here are 5 key ideas for integrating video with email:

  • Use short clips that show off the full video to pique interest.
  • Embed videos in emails using HTML5.
  • Include ‘play’ buttons within the body copy so readers don't have to click through links to watch.
  • Reference specific points from the explainer video in the subject line and body copy.
  • Follow up after viewers finish watching with additional calls-to-action (CTAs).

In addition, reusing existing assets such as animation clips, voiceover audio, and other elements from previously produced explainers can save time and money on future projects.

Doing this also ensures continuity and reduces production costs significantly when it comes to branding and messaging across different pieces of content.

A short brand explainer video example such as the one from Service Provider Pro is best suited for the purpose.

4. Use your brand explainer video on landing pages

Explainer videos can convey a brand's message quickly and efficiently, which can help potential customers understand what your brand is all about. Moreover, such videos can increase engagement on your landing page, resulting in higher conversions.

Now that you're aware of the benefits of incorporating brand explainer videos, let's discuss how to do so on your landing pages.

  • Ensure the video is prominently displayed on the page, catching the audience's attention as soon as they arrive. Use an attention-grabbing headline and a thumbnail image that entices the audience to hit play.
  • Moreover, keep the video brief and concise, as most internet users have limited attention spans. Ideally, the video should not exceed 90 seconds. Ensure that it is visually appealing, featuring high-quality graphics, animation, or footage.
  • Lastly, optimize the video for SEO by including relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags. This will increase the video's search engine ranking and make it easier for viewers to discover.

Here is a brand explainer video example by Headlime and used on their landing page.

5. Ensure best production quality for your brand explainer video

These 3 factors decide how effective your brand explainer video will be:

Sr. No.FactorAdvantages
1Animation style- Animations can enhance audience engagement by bringing abstract concepts to life by giving you greater creative freedom.
- Animations usually cost less than traditional videos and require fewer resources.
2Audio & Video- This includes character design, motion graphics, sound effects, voiceover narration, and music.
- Keep all elements simple while still conveying meaning – this will help people get what you're trying to say.
3Overall quality- Poorly produced content won't do much to boost lead generation because people won't watch it all the way through.
- Invest in high-quality equipment such as cameras and mics so that your explainer looks professional and polished on every platform.

Watch this well-made brand explainer video example from Asana that uses all the 3 factors effectively. In addition, it uses a realistic scenario to demonstrate how easy it is to use their platform.

6. Measure the performance of your brand explainer video

You’ve invested time and resources into creating an informative piece that shows off your brand in the best possible light. Now, it is time to measure its success.

  • What metrics should you pay attention to? For example, track views for each video, as well as average view duration; this will tell you if people are watching your content.
  • Look at total page visits from videos on social media or YouTube analytics to determine which platforms drive traffic most effectively.
  • Track customer engagement rates with surveys and polls after they've watched the video.
  • Evaluate ROI by taking note of any increases in lead conversion rate or website visitor numbers that occur shortly after launching the campaign.

Ultimately, using these metrics will help ensure that the hard work going into creating an engaging brand explainer video will pay off. Watch this video from HubSpot Marketing to learn more.

7. Tweak your brand explainer video

To get an accurate picture of success, you can track metrics like views, likes, comments, and conversions. By doing this, you can determine which version performed better so you can make adjustments accordingly.

You can use A/B testing techniques to analyze what aspect resonates most effectively with your target audience.

To get the best results, establish a baseline for performance. You can measure any improvements in engagement related to different variables of the video content.

Sr. No.VariableMetric 1 Metric 2
1Video LengthLikes (Facebook) Views (YouTube)    
2Music ChoiceComments (Facebook) Shares (Twitter)
3Visual Quality LevelRetweets (Twitter) Subscriptions (YouTube)

By making minor tweaks to each variable, such as varying music choice or visual quality level while keeping other elements consistent, you can observe which version performs better according to the metrics outlined in the table above.

This will help you to identify key areas where small changes lead to significant improvements in engagement. This process is not only helpful for optimizing current campaigns but also future marketing strategies.

By analyzing data from over time, you can gain clarity on how to increase overall engagement with your target market through sharpened creative direction and messaging choices.

You can watch this video from TubeBuddy to learn more about A/B testing.

Part III: More About Brand Explainer Videos: Cost & Using Explainer Video Services

With careful planning and consideration of all elements involved in production (including budget!), you can create something truly powerful that will win you new admirers.

1. How much does a brand explainer video typically cost?

With the popularity of brand explainer videos on the rise, let’s find out what it costs to produce one.

Investing in experienced professionals who understand your target audience and know how to make a great video will pay off in the long run by generating higher engagement levels among viewers and ultimately increasing leads over time.

Many factors can influence a brand explainer vidoe’s cost, including the length of time needed for production, the complexity of the visuals and animations used, and additional services such as voice-overs or music licensing.

Depending on your budget and needs, top explainer video companies’ explainer video pricing can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

For example, a top animated explainer video company like Explainer Video Hero can help you create any type of explainer video via remote video production – from animation explainer videos and live-action videos to 3D animated explainer videos and 30 second explainer videos.

Their explainer video cost is as follows:

  • Animated explainer videos - $2,000 per minute
  • Live-action explainer videos - $1,000 per minute

2. How do you provide quality inputs to an external explainer video service?

We understand that hiring an external animated explainer video production agency to create a brand explainer video for your B2B brand can be challenging. However, if you give them the right input, they'll make an engaging video for you.

You should first understand what goes into the making of an explainer video. Here are some tips you can keep in mind when you brainstorm with the agency:

Planning: How do you want viewers to remember the explainer video? Who is your intended audience for the explainer video?

Are they young adults, middle-aged parents, etc.? Knowing who you’re targeting helps inform how best to craft the message so it resonates with them.

When do you plan to launch the explainer video? This will help guide decisions like length, tone, and visuals used.

Scripting & Storyboarding: Think about what story you want to tell in the explainer video and write out a script that outlines each step along with all of the visuals needed.

Once the script is ready, use sketches or basic illustrations to map out scenes within the explainer video. Preproduction visuals help visualize the look of each scene.

Production & Post-production: If animation isn't one of your strengths or if there's too much content for one person to handle alone, consider hiring someone else such as an animator or voiceover artist.

Review & Adjust: After recording audio and filming footage for each scene, review everything together to make sure it flows logically and effectively communicates its message.


Now that you know how brand explainer videos boost lead generation, it's time to start. For B2B brands, they're a great investment in customer engagement and ROI.

When creating your explainer video, make sure to:

  • Keep things simple and focus on delivering value.
  • Articulate all key messages and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Track your video's results so you can optimize your strategy.

Act now – start planning for your explainer video to drive more leads cost-effectively.


1. How do B2B brand explainer videos help generate leads?

Brand explainer videos help increase website traffic and boost engagement levels. However, no matter how compelling your video content is, its impact won't be felt unless you reach the right prospects. The videos help reach the right audience and encourage them to act.

2. Why are B2B brand explainer videos popular among marketers for generating leads?

Marketers can easily and quickly engage potential customers with brand explainer videos. They give viewers valuable information about their products and services. Finally, they're conversion-driven, making them a valuable asset for any business.

3. How can I promote my B2B brand explainer videos to improve lead generation?

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter to share engaging explainer video content. Your B2B brand can get more views and visibility by targeting relevant audiences with relevant ads. Reach out to influencers on social media who have a big following to get your video seen.

4. How can I use email marketing using B2B brand explainer videos for generating leads?

Creating compelling emails that include snippets from your video or link directly back to it will help draw attention from subscribers in their inboxes. Additionally, adding an incentive such as coupons or discounts could incentivize people to view the entire explainer video. Of course, make sure that any promotion efforts follow all applicable laws and regulations related to digital advertising for maximum impact.