7 Explainer Video Examples Done Right: Examples + Tips

7 Explainer Video Examples Done Right: Examples + Tips
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If you’re looking for a creative way to engage your customers and increase sales, an explainer video is definitely worth considering.

According to a study by marketingmag.com, marketers only get  2.7 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention through videos. This means explainer videos fit the bill!

Explainer videos are short, usually 1 to 3 minutes long videos that provide an easy-to-understand explanation of a product or service.

These videos provide viewers with an overview of the product or service, and how it can benefit them. They can be used to promote products, services, and even websites and help increase sales, engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction.

They typically feature a voice over, animation, and/or live-action footage. They are also frequently used within companies for internal communications.

This blog post is divided into two sections.

  • In the first part, we will look at seven explainer videos that are done right.
  • In the second, we provide some useful tips on how to make engaging explainer videos either in-house or by hiring explainer video services

Part I: 7 Explainer Video Examples Done Right and What Makes Them Work

Explainer videos from our list basically pick themselves, based on their narration alone, which forms the core of a good explainer video. They also use innovative storytelling and visual elements to complement the narrative.

1. Ahrefs

Ranking higher on Google is everyone’s top priority. There are a number of videos on such an important subject—some good, some bad, and some indifferent.

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that will provide you with everything you need to grow your search traffic and optimize your website.

With a wide range of features designed to help you monitor your website performance, find new opportunities for link building, uncover content marketing insights, check keyword rankings, and more.

What’s done right

  • This video is in a league of its own because it not only provides a solid introduction to the subject and explains why ranking higher on Google matters. The second part explains how to do it hands-on.
  • A lot of thought has gone into scripting, a crucial aspect that often gets overlooked.
  • The prominent branding along with engaging content helps Ahrefs to position itself as a thought leader in the SEO space.

2. Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss is a complete booking solution used by 60,000+ Bosses and brands. It helps you automate scheduling and sell services through customizable, branded booking pages that make booking easy for your clients.

What’s done right

  • How do you create an explainer video that gives its viewers what they really want to know: Surely not a bunch of random screenshots, background music that sounds totally out of place, and ends as abruptly as it started with viewers none the wiser.
  • The solution is a live-action video where a genial host takes complete control of the narrative from the word go and takes the viewers to all the features and benefits systematically as this example from Explainer Video Hero proves.
  • We always emphasize that the human element can make the difference between the viewers dropping out midway or waiting until the end to try out a free trial. For this to happen, viewers need to be impressed with the presentation and are eager to try out the product. This explainer video is one such example that is sure to impress viewers.

3. Airtable

Airtable provides an intuitive cloud-based service dedicated to improving collaboration and organization at all levels.

Whether you are working with a large team on an important project and gathering data from different sources or simply keeping track of business contacts, Airtable allows you to communicate quickly and effectively without needing extensive coding knowledge.

What’s done right

  • The video highlights the problems associated with spreadsheets, and how they can get cumbersome pretty fast. Businesses using spreadsheets can readily identify with the pain point, and this can get them interested to keep watching the video.
  • The next item on the list is showing prospective customers how they can find something that provides both—ease of use of spreadsheets but with better functionality.
  • The video gets into action with some crisp graphics and flowing animations and shows how it is done in a better way. By this time, the viewers are looking out for a call-to-action and sign up for a free trial.

4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Is a cloud computing platform that makes building, deploying, and managing applications easy. With this service, you can access the latest technology advancements without having to buy extra hardware or software.

What’s done right

  • With cloud-based services, data security is a concern for most people. The explainer video demonstrates how you'll benefit from scalability and cost-effectiveness of the service, backed by superior security and compliance measures for data protection.
  • This video addresses the main concern by demonstrating how Azure is designed to make developing, testing, and deploying apps and services easy. It takes just 90 seconds to explain a complex topic with the help of top-notch graphics and illustrations.
  • Last but not least, the voiceover artist's composed tone complements the visuals perfectly.

5. Zarmoney

Zarmoney is an advanced cloud-based accounting solution offering features such as invoicing, reporting, inventory management, and more. It is easy to set up and customize and helps businesses organize customers, vendors, and users.

What’s done right

  • For us, and indeed for other viewers, what works is the use of a personal story to state a problem faced by other businesses and that they can identify with.
  • A Founder's frustration with an accounting software that was difficult to use and lacked features he needed is highlighted.
  • Having established a personal connection with the audience, the video goes on to explain the features and the benefits.
  • All that is left to do now is list out the benefits like 10,000+ bank connections, video tutorials, articles, and certified accountants and CPAs for 24/7 customer support the product offers and the prospects are ready for conversion.

6. PayPal

PayPal is a financial technology company that provides a digital wallet to its users. It is one of the most popular payment services in the world, used by millions of people for online shopping, sending money to friends and family, and other transactions.

It allows users to securely store their credit card information, making it easier for them to make payments online without having to enter their details each time—rom anywhere in the world.

What’s done right

  • Should explainer videos be created with flashy graphics and cutting-edge animations? As this explainer video example proves, the answer is, it depends on specific cases. Moreover, one should know how to use them. This video example uses a step-by-step procedure to explain how to withdraw using the PayPal app.
  • They explain the process step-by-step with text and supplement it with an UI showing how it's done.
  • This video proves that a clear narrative with concise explanations can explain the most complex of topics easily-- in about 90 seconds in this case.

7. OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited

In addition to digital flight information and intelligence, OAG provides analytics and intelligence to airports, airlines, and travel technology companies.

What’s done right

  • This explainer video is a good example of how motion graphics can be used to visually explain a product or service.
  • It is also an example of how certain topics lend themselves to being explained better with animations and graphics. This strategy helps keep the length of the video optimum so that viewers will watch the video to the end.
  • The color scheme used in the video is the same brand colors used on the OAG website, which helps reinforce brand recall value. This subtle strategy is rarely used by video makers but when done right, it can be rewarding.
  • Finally, a competent explanation from the voice over artist completes the picture.

Part II: Tips on How To Make Engaging Explainer Videos

In this section, we will look at the best practices, and how you can hire an explainer video service to create the best animated explainer videos for your B2B brand.

1. How to create a successful explainer video?

Creating a successful explainer video relies on more than just a great concept. To help ensure your video comes out exactly as you envision it, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Sr. No. Element What you should do
1 Clear narrative The video should be easy to understand and follow, without too much extraneous detail.
2 Concise explanations Keep your explanations brief but accurate and tone light-hearted or humorous where appropriate.
3 Engaging characters Your audience will want to learn about the characters involved in the story – make them interesting and relatable protagonists who people can sympathize with (or even root for!).
4 Incorporate humor Being humorous can help lighten the mood and make the video more entertaining to watch. It can also help explain complex concepts simply.
5 Specific examples Use real-world examples when explaining complicated topics or ideas in videos, as this will make them easier for viewers to understand.
6 Catchy soundtrack Use a catchy soundtrack to not only add appeal to your video but to also help you better focus on the key points of your story.
7 Graphics & animation Use them to explain complexities in more accessible ways.
8 Maintain an even pace Do not ram too much information down their throats at once- instead, let them soak it all in bit by bit.
9 Voiceover narration A good voice over will allow viewers to follow the story because they crave the human touch.
10 Call to action A good CTA guides those users who have been impressed by your explainer video and want to take immediate action.

2. How to hire an external explainer video service?

If your business does not know how to make an explainer video, you can outsource your animated explainer video production to a top animated explainer video company that meets more than 50% of the following criteria:

  • They should offer remote video production services.
  • They should have a great portfolio consisting of at least 10 big companies.
  • They are not just experienced with animated explainer videos but with other variations of standard explainer videos such as SaaS explainer videos, 30 second explainer videos, 3d animated explainer videos, and so on.
  • They should offer the videos at reasonable prices and good turnaround time.

Explainer video cost varies widely. However, a top explainer video company like Explainer Video Hero offers remote video production services and follows a flat explainer video pricing:

  • $2,000/ minute for Animated Explainer Videos
  • $1,000/ minute for Live-action Explainer Videos


B2B brands can benefit immensely by using Explainer videos for marketing. We saw with the help of some best explainer video examples of why explainer videos are such a big deal.

We hope that the example videos, along with the tips, have given you enough information about this exciting medium and the confidence to use animation explainer videos to benefit your business.


1. How do explainer videos help improve brand awareness?

Brand awareness describes the degree of recognition among customers and potential customers when they hear or think about a product, service, or company. A well-made explainer video can make your brand a well-known name and help your business increase sales by attracting more customers.

2. What makes explainer videos effective for customer engagement?

Explainer videos give viewers a comprehensive overview of the topic in question by breaking down complex concepts into simpler pieces. This helps prospects retain more information and encourages them to take action based on what they have learned. The right background music can add energy and excitement to the explanation of a concept.

3. What are some best practices for creating explainer videos?

First, choose a production method and video style that matches your product or service. Consider whether to go with a more traditional approach of voiceover and visuals or if a more creative style like animation or motion graphics would work better. Finally, test the video with different audiences before releasing it. This will help you determine how effective your message is and if any adjustments need to be made.

4. What do the best explainer videos have in common?

The best explainer videos are short, simple, and concise. They are easy to follow and use animations and graphics judiciously. Storytelling is a tactic they use to good effect and engage prospects and customers effortlessly. Finally, they leave a lasting impression on the viewers.