Explainer Videos: How To Use Video To Increase Sales

Explainer Videos: How To Use Video To Increase Sales
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Due to increasing competition, B2B brands are in dire need of a marketing tool that can not only capture the attention of potential customers but also encourage them to take immediate action.

This means creating content that enables viewers to learn about a product or service and convinces them to make an immediate purchase.

By the looks of it, this one is a job tailor-made for explainer videos!

According to a study by topexplainers.com, having video on your website has been known to result in an average conversion rate of 4.8%, compared to 2.9% not having videos.

Furthermore, Explainer videos can be shared across multiple platforms, allowing potential customers to find out more about a business and its products or services. This increases the chances of them reaching out and inquiring further, leading to more leads for businesses.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are a type of video used to explain an idea or concept. Generally, they are short, interactive videos that use visual storytelling techniques to quickly and effectively explain complex topics. Explainers can be used for:

  • Educational purposes, marketing campaigns, or introducing new products and services.
  • Communicating a message in a visually appealing way.
  • Making it easier for people to understand how something works, what features and benefits a product offers, or why certain points should be taken into consideration when making decisions.
  • Providing additional context and helping reinforce the ideas being presented and increasing engagement levels among viewers.

A live-action explainer video example created by Explainer Video Hero, a top Explainer Video Company, for Book Like A Boss, the booking page builder.

How to use explainer videos to increase sales?

Explainer videos are proven to drive sales. In this blog post, we’ll show you 10 ways you can use explainer videos to increase your sales. Let’s get started!

1. Add it to your website

Adding an explainer video to your website is a great way to increase sales and engage potential customers. By strategically placing explainer videos on your website, you can:

  • Show your product in action on your website.
  • Explain to viewers how to use it and show them customer testimonials.
  • Improve your online presence and boost organic reach via search engines.

For example, visitors can check out Explainer Video Hero's portfolio on the website if they are interested in outsourcing their explainer video requirements.

2. Use animation

Animation videos are a great way to engage customers and increase sales. Not only do they provide a visually appealing experience, but they also make it easier for viewers to understand complex concepts. The advantage of animated explainer videos is that you can use them to:

  • Bring your product to life in a way that live-action videos cannot.
  • Explain how your product works, why customers should use it, and how it can benefit them.
  • Make viewers feel a sense of emotion, which increases their probability of purchasing your product or service.

Watch this animated explainer video example created using Character Animation Explainer Video Hero for Ibexa, a B2B Digital Experience Platform.

Character Animation brings still character designs or animated characters to life. According to a Content Beta study, however, only 18% of top SaaS companies around the world are using it. This means, you can use them to stand out from the competition despite additional costs you may incur.

3. Engage customers emotionally

Use explainer videos to engage customers and build brand awareness. Use these tips:

  • Trigger emotional responses in viewers and compel them to take action with power words such as "amazing" and "revolutionary".
  • Use the creative freedom explainer videos offer to convey more complex topics. Studies show that people rely on emotions rather than information when making decisions, so strategically incorporating emotion into your video content is a great way to boost sales.

This explainer video example is from Lyne.ai, a personalized cold email platform. By demonstrating a lot of empathy for the viewers, the narrator takes them on a journey they can relate to.

4. Improve online presence

Use explainer videos to improve your online presence, as they are among the most popular types of content on the internet.

  • Explainer videos boost SEO by providing unique and engaging content that is favored by Google.
  • Since they are short and to the point, they can easily grab the attention of the viewers and entice them to take action.
  • Lastly, explainer videos can help increase brand awareness by providing viewers with an entertaining but informative experience.

5. Use at trade shows

Explainer videos can be a great tool to help promote sales at trade shows and company events. Along with a few key details, make sure to include visuals that will draw attention, statistics to support your claims, and a call to action.

Explainer videos are effective because they:

  • Grab the attention of potential customers by telling stories through visuals and audio that people can easily relate to.
  • Provide an overview of what a business has to offer.
  • Run the video in a loop and reduce costs your company would otherwise have to incur to hire people to explain your products.

Watch this explainer video example for Picatic, an online ticketing company. A video like this is ideal for running in a loop at your booth/stall.

6. Tell a story

Storytelling has been used as a form of communication for centuries and there is something incredibly captivating about this age-old method of conveying information.

Explainer videos with a story can help create:

  • A fun and engaging way to convey important information.
  • A more memorable experience for the viewer that can have a lasting impact on their decision-making process.
  • An emotional connection with the audience, which allows them to identify with the narrative, become invested in its outcome and remember key points afterward.

This explainer video example for Poka, a Connected Worker Platform for Industry 4.0, narrates a story about attracting, training, and retaining employees and how their product can help.

7. Supplement Knowledge

Use explainer videos to raise the existing knowledge level of your customers. An explainer video can help you better explain updates to your product or service to your customers.

This approach offers the following advantages:

  • Customers feel valued because they are convinced that the company is not only interested in selling its products or services but also in ensuring customers get real value out of it.
  • Being proactive in solving problems even before they arise yields rich dividends because it frees up your customer service team’s time to engage with customers.

This explainer video example from Kissflow, an App Development Platform, provides an overview of how to use its integration features.

8. Use customer testimonials

You can use an explainer video to narrate the success stories of your customers and build trust.

  • No matter what type of supporting data you present to use text testimonials from your customers, prospects will want to see and hear it from people who are real and have used your product or service.
  • Testimonial stories should be interesting, engaging, and authentic. Use attention-grabbing stories, characters that prospects can relate to, animation design, and colors that connect the brand with prospects.

This live-action explainer video example created by Explainer Video Hero for nectar, an Employee Recognition Software, features clients talking about the product, and in the process explaining how it is useful.

9. Use Humor

Explainer videos that incorporate humor are known to better connect with people and engage them.

  • Humor has the potential to make your explainer video stand out from the rest. If you use humor, make sure it does not distract the viewers from the core message of your video.
  • When used correctly, humor can break barriers and create a powerful connection with customers. It will also make them remember your brand for a longer time.

This explainer video example incorporates subtle humor to explain how to use the Zendesk app and the benefit it offers.

10. Use social media

B2B brands need to have a wide reach that social media networks can easily provide. Add explainer videos with engaging visuals and quick pacing to the mix and make it easy for viewers to quickly consume the information needed to make a decision.

  • Explainer videos are a great way to increase engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as they allow marketers to succinctly tell their story entertainingly while providing viewers with options for further exploration.
  • At the end of the video, viewers are prompted with calls-to-action such as "click here for more information" or "contact our team to learn more". This helps guide users toward the desired outcome, which is usually to learn more about a product or service or even purchase it.

Watch this explainer video example created by Explainer Video Hero for In-App Chat, an instant messaging app -- which uses a simple call to action, “Get Started Today”.

How to make an explainer video if you are new to the world of videos?

A top animated explainer video company like Explainer Video Hero offers explainer video services for animated explainer videos. Explainer videos also come in the form of 3D animated explainer videos, 30 second explainer videos, explainer video animations, or animation explainer videos.

They offer animated explainer video production services via remote video production. Explainer video cost depends on the explainer video pricing policy followed by individual explainer video companies.

Explainer Video Hero has created some of the best animated explainer videos for the top companies in the world, and they charge:

  • $2,000 per minute for Animated Explainer Videos
  • $1,000 per minute for Live-action Explainer Videos


Explainer videos are more engaging and entertaining than reading long paragraphs of text, which makes them more likely to be watched all the way through by potential customers.

Having an explainer video on your website doubles the average time visitors spend there as well as increases conversions overall.

Ultimately, explainer videos can help you capture more leads and convert more sales due to their ability to clearly explain your offerings and connect with viewers on both an emotional and intellectual level.


1. Why are explainer videos useful for businesses?

Explainer videos are easy to understand and can be used to explain complex concepts interestingly. Furthermore, they can help boost visibility and reach a wider audience. 3D animated explainer videos are also a great way to illustrate your product or service.

2. What are the reasons behind the popularity of explainer videos in marketing?

Video is becoming increasingly important in marketing, as it offers an effective way to engage audiences and deliver content. Utilizing video for marketing can help brands stand out from their competitors and drive more visibility for their product or service. Lastly, they are easy to share online, allowing a brand’s message to travel far beyond its usual network of customers.

3. What are the ways in which explainer videos can be used?

Explainer videos can be used to demonstrate features or services, answer questions related to products, or provide educational content that informs and entertains the user. They can be used in multiple places, such as social media channels, emails, websites, and landing pages. allowing for greater reach and exposure and allowing you to convert from multiple sources of traffic.

4. How do explainer videos help win the trust of customers?

People are drawn to companies that they feel they can trust and rely on, which is why businesses need to build strong relationships with their customers. By creating explainer videos that educate customers on their offerings and how they work, businesses can create valuable connections with their target audience and foster loyalty.