Juicy Tips on Creating 2D Animation Explainer Video

Juicy Tips on Creating 2D Animation Explainer Video
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Ready to craft a captivating 2D animation explainer video? It might seem challenging, but with the right approach, you've got this.

According to a report published by Hubspot, 83% of video marketers claimed that their video content contributed to the generation of leads in their business.

In this blog, we'll share top tips on making a killer 2D animation explainer video. We'll walk you through planning, research, picking animation software, designing characters, building keyframes, tweaking, and putting it all together. Plus, we'll showcase stellar examples and reveal their secrets.

So, if you're eager to create a standout 2D animation explainer video that connects with your audience, keep reading!

Top Tips on Creating 2D Animation Explainer Video

Creating a 2D-best animated explainer video is not an easy task, however, it can be done easily with a plan of execution. Here are some of the steps that you should take in order to make an effective 2D animated explainer video:

1. Plan First, Then Execute

To ace your 2D animated video, planning is key. Do your homework: pinpoint your target audience, video objective, length, key points, call-to-action, script, message, and timing for each part. Also, choose the 2D animation style that fits your goal, like explainers, infographics, or product demos. Animated videos aren't just characters, scenes, and tunes; plan thoroughly for the best results.

Pro tip: During planning, craft a top-notch, concise script highlighting your product's features and solutions.

2. Research for Some Reference Projects

Despite planning and character tinkering, 2D animated videos can always be better. To spark inspiration and fresh ideas, take a peek at outstanding, related 2D animations. There's always more to learn!

3. 2D Animation Software Research

When crafting a 2D explainer video, you'll require animation software. With a plethora of choices online, it's crucial to investigate and pick the one that fits your needs. Compare features of various programs—some are free, others paid with distinct functionalities.

Some tools may be more advanced but trickier to use, while others are user-friendly. Many software options also supply 2D templates, media assets, and pre-designed characters handy for your project. Scrutinize the alternatives to discover the ideal match for your biz.

Adobe Animate CCUSD 20.99 / MonthFree trial, 2D drawing, text editing, advanced rigging, asset designing, publishing, and frame-by-frame animation.
Sketch BookUSD 19.99 (One Time)Free trial, Custom brushes and pens to sketch and draw.
AnimakerUSD 20.00 / MonthFree trial, 4K quality videos for Onboarding, Marketing, Branding, and Simplifying complex concepts.
Animation DeskUSD 4.99 / MonthPhotoshop layers. Large GIFs.
Pencil 2DFreeBitmap and vector graphs
Cartoon AnimatorUSD 149.00 (One Time)2D animated characters with motion graphics, stretch animation, audio lip syncing, 2D facial free form deformation.
RenderMan USD 595.00 (One Time)Fur animation, blur motions

4. Make Your Keyframes as Strong as Possible

2D animation studios excel at crafting potent keyframes for that pro touch in videos. Emphasizing specific movements in diverse 2D animations demands solid keyframes. Design characters with lifelike, smooth actions for top-notch outcomes.

Quick tip: Kick off by devising a storyboard featuring all desired keyframes and characters for your vid.

5. Create a Perfect 2D Character

When crafting characters for your 2D animation, focus on the message, not just looks. Assess their expressions, traits, and emotions to match your message and captivate viewers. Play around with various characters for the ideal pick. Clarity in communication is the secret sauce for character selection.

Pro tip: After designing characters, animations, and visuals, nail a voiceover that syncs seamlessly with your script.

6. Final Modification and Compilation

Wrap up your 2D animated video by arranging characters, objects, backgrounds, and media files in order. Tweak and adjust as needed, and don't shy away from edits post-publishing.

Promoting the video is key, so give it due attention. If marketing isn't your forte, learn or enlist a marketing agency's help. With all elements aligned, your video will hit the mark.

Best 2D Animation Explainer Videos Examples

Here are some of the best explainer videos examples that use 2D animation in order to explain concepts:

1. Pipedrive

  • Key elements to consider when crafting a compelling script for your 2D animated explainer video -
  1. Sell the Sizzle: Emphasize the unique selling point of your product, for example -
    "By making Pipedrive your weapon of choice, your team will smash targets with ease by breaking down strategic goals into small, everyday tasks" -
  2. Shorter is Better: The end of the script, delivers a powerful and memorable ending that encourages viewers to take action, all in just two short sentences.
    "...This is Pipedrive. We make salespeople unstoppable,"
  3. Think Outside the Box: The script has a metaphor of Pipedrive being a "weapon of choice" for sales teams, which helps them smash their targets with ease.
  • 2D visual examples for 2D animation explainer videos -

2. Twilio

  • Key elements to consider when crafting a compelling script for your 2D animated explainer video -
  1. K.I.S.S. Your Script: Keep It Simple & Straightforward for Maximum Impact, such as -
    "...Using communication APIs, you can send a text, place a call, or kick off a chat from your app or website with just a few lines of code."
    "...You pay only for what you use so you can try out new ideas for just a few pennies."
  2. The Power of Persuasion:
    - Use a strong opening statement to grab the viewer's attention:
    "Let's talk about how you talk to your customers."
    - Build credibility by citing the number of companies and developers using the product: "Twilio is the cloud communications platform that more than 50,000 companies and over 2 million developers use as their platform for customer engagement."
  • 2D visual examples for 2D animation explainer videos -

3. FedEx

  • Key elements to consider when crafting a compelling script for your 2D animated explainer video -
  1. Clear and Concise Message: Your script should have a clear and concise message that resonates with your audience. For example,
    "Our product saves you time and money by automating tedious tasks."
  2. Stand Out from the Crowd: Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition in Your 2D Animated Explainer Video -
    "We can be your customs broker - this is a person or agency who communicates with both countries to make sure shipments comply with the correct procedures."
  3. Problem-Solution Approach: A problem-solution approach, highlight the pain points of your audience and demonstrate how your product solves them. For example,
    Problem - "Are you tired of spending hours manually inputting data into spreadsheets?"
    Solution - “Our product streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and energy."
  • 2D visual examples for 2D animation explainer videos -

4. Slack

  • Key elements to consider when crafting a compelling script for your 2D animated explainer video -
  1. Captivate your Audience: Start with a compelling and attention-grabbing opening line, such as - "Are you tired of wasting time on manual approval processes?"
    Identify the pain points of your audience and address them directly, such as - "...With so many manual steps, people, and apps involved, getting approval takes days and the deal doesn't close in time."
    Use descriptive language and vivid imagery to paint a picture in the audience's mind, such as - "...the process can come to a halt with so many different apps and systems."
  2. Creating a Persona: A specific persona within the story, takes specific actions and makes decisions that move the plot forward. This makes the story more compelling and relatable to the audience.
    "...zoe who works in sales operations wants to build her own approval workflow"
    "...she easily modifies the template to fit her process"
    "...she adds a form to gather all the information managers need for approval"
    "...she sets the process to repeat once her manager approves it automatically roots to the next approver"
    "...finally she sets up a notification for when the last approval comes in"
    "...she's now ready to send the contract to the customer in DocuSign"
  • 2D visual examples for 2D animation explainer videos -

5. Cisco

  • Key elements to consider when crafting a compelling script for your 2D animated explainer video -
  1. Show, Don't Tell: Instead of simply telling viewers that Cisco can help with these things, the script shows how by highlighting specific solutions and benefits
    "...And Cisco can help you do that better through better digital experiences, better tools for your workforce, better efficiency in your operations, better security in every interaction."
  2. Include a call to action: "...Contact Cisco to learn more about their solutions and how they can help you power a more inclusive financial future for all."
    "...Let Cisco guide you on your journey to financial confidence and a better future for your customers."
    "...Partner with Cisco to transform your customer service and deliver streamlined financial services with convenience and ease."
  • 2D visual examples for 2D animation explainer videos -

Why 2D animation explainer videos are essential for B2B Brands?

In order to be successful in B2B brands (business-to-business), explainer videos are an integral part of your marketing strategy. An explainer video helps in -

  1. Making complex ideas easy-peasy: B2B stuff can get tricky, right? SaaS explainer videos break it down and open the doors to a broader audience. No more head-scratching!
  2. Getting that engagement: Explainer videos are like a catnip for leads and potential customers. They tell a story, stir emotions, and make viewers wanna take action. Oh, yeah.
  3. Flaunting that expertise: B2B brands use SaaS explainer videos to flex their industry know-how. It's all about spotlighting those unique selling points and standing out from the crowd.
  4. Spreading brand value: Explainer videos let B2B brands introduce themselves to the masses. Shared on social media, websites, and beyond, they're marketing gold. Craft a top-notch script for your explainer vid that showcases your product's best features and solutions.
  5. Making it rain sales: Explainer videos help B2B brands boost sales by giving customers the intel they need to make smart choices. Plus, they showcase product perks, making them even more enticing to potential buyers.


In conclusion, creating a 2D animation explainer video is a powerful method of getting your message across to your target audience. A 2D explainer video will not only help you to describe the features and qualities of your product, but it will also help you to market and advertise your product more effectively.  

An explainer video can be created with a little creativity, effort, and a good video-creating team, allowing you to set your brand apart from the competition and drive engagement and sales for your business.


1. What is a 2D animation explainer video?

A 2D animation explainer video is a type of animated video that uses two-dimensional graphics and animation techniques to explain a product, service, or concept. It combines visual storytelling with voice-over narration to create an engaging and informative experience for viewers.

2. What are the benefits of creating a 2D animation explainer video?

Creating a 2D animation explainer video for B2B brands can have several benefits, including simplifying complex concepts, increasing engagement, showcasing expertise, building brand awareness, and boosting sales. It can be shared on various marketing channels, increasing its reach and visibility, and can be an effective tool for communicating your message to your audience.

3. What software can be used to create 2D explainer videos animation?

Several software programs can be used to start 2D animated explainer video production, including Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom, and Animaker. These programs offer various features and tools to create engaging and professional-looking best animated explainer videos.

4. How long should a 2D animation explainer video be?

A 2D animation explainer video production should be concise and to the point, typically ranging from 30 second explainer video to 120 seconds explainer video. It's essential to keep the video short while still conveying all the necessary information to the viewer. A well-crafted script and a clear message can help keep the video's length in check while still providing value to the audience.