Top 20 Animated Explainer Video Agencies And Softwares

Top 20 Animated Explainer Video Agencies And Softwares
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If you're looking for a way to effectively communicate your B2B brand’s message, an animated explainer video may be the perfect solution. An animated explainer video is a great way to engage with potential customers and impress them with your company's services or products, increase conversion rates, and drive sales.

As per an Oberlo study, out of the ten people that watch an explainer video about a software, as many as 8 end up purchasing the app from that brand.

With so many options available, however, it can be a challenging task to determine which software and services are the best choice for your project.

This article aims to help you to make better choices. It is divided into two sections:

  1. In the first part, we look at the top 10 animated explainer video agencies that will help you create and harness the sales and marketing power of animated explainer videos.
  2. In the second part, we review the top 10 animated explainer video software to fit all budgets and skill sets so you can find the best option for your business needs.

What is an explainer video? Here is an animated explainer video example from Slack, the instant messaging platform.

PART I: Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Agencies

Explainer videos come in a variety of forms, such as 30 second explainer videos, explainer video animations, motion graphics explainer videos, SaaS explainer videos, animation explainer videos, and 2d & 3d animated explainer videos.

In this section, we will look at the top animated explainer video companies that can help you create the best animated explainer videos.


Sr. No. Company Average Pricing
1 Explainer Video Hero Animated explainer videos - $2000 per minute | Live-action explainer video - $1,000 per minute

Pigeon Studio

3 Simple Story $10,000+
4 Gisteo $1,000+
5 Content Beta $2400 per minute 
6 BluBlu Studios $5,000+
7 IdeaRocket $10,000+
8 Levitate Media $1,000+
9 Demo Duck $10,000+
10 Epipheo $10,000+

1. Explainer Video Hero

Having a great product does not guarantee success, and many companies have failed because they could not connect with customers and prospects.

Explainer Video Hero was established in 2020 to help startups to showcase their products and services. Since then they have helped over 80 B2B brands to engage with prospects and grow their business.

Another great advantage they offer is that they can create videos from your documentation or loom video, which saves a lot of time for you.

Clients: Book Like A Boss | NASTEL | Ibexa | Service Provider Pro | VWO | xoxoday | and others

Average Pricing: An animated explainer video costs as little as $2000 per minute and a live-action explainer video costs $1,000 per minute.

Example work: Here is an animated explainer video example created by Explainer video Hero for NASTEL, the Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M) software.

The video is a good example of how explainer videos can help simplify complex concepts into easily digestible chunks of information that can help viewers understand the product and its features so that they can make an informed buying decision.

2. Pigeon Studio

Founded in 2013, this animation studio operates from Warsaw, Poland, boasts an impressive portfolio that features some of the biggest names in the corporate world. They say they enjoy helping brands, products, and ideas transform into engaging visual content.

Clients: Ikea | Ideo | Aviva | Saudi Aramco | Nestle | Microsoft | FOX Networks | Comarch | and others

Average Pricing: $10,000+

Example work: This animated explainer video example created for Drivy mobile app reaffirms what most top explainer videos advise you to do when creating your explainer videos -- that is, pay attention to the narrative.

Using simple graphics and an enthusiastic voiceover, the video tells viewers how to use the app to book a car. The explainer video highlights that the rental cars are fully insured, which eliminates one of the major worries about renting a car and is a good example of addressing customers’ pain points.

3. Simple Story

Simple Story is an award-winning video marketing agency founded in 2011. Since then this Ottawa company with its team consisting of artists, marketers, advertisers, and storytellers has consistently delivered powerful messages that have inspired their audiences.

Clients: Walmart | Bell Canada | Interac | Coca-Cola | Citrix | Workopolis | TrendMicro | CIBC | and others

Average Pricing: $10,000+

Example work: A combination of color, character movement, and powerful messaging are used creatively in this 2D animated explainer video to demonstrate the importance of hydration with Flow's sustainably sourced alkaline water.

4. Gisteo

This Miami-based video production company was founded in 2011. They say that they believe in displaying their pricing upfront and that their portfolio consists of diverse styles will help your brand stand out from the monotony of similar-looking videos.

Clients: Barracuda | KPMG | | Oracle | Lilly | SAP | Pfizer | Quickbooks | Castrol | and others

Average Pricing: $1,000+

Example work:

This 2D animated explainer video example is created for Play, a digital signage software provider.

The colorful animations and the helpful commentary describe how you can publish your content to any TV, anywhere in the world.

The video stands out for effortlessly highlighting the value proposition of the software.

5. Content Beta

Content Beta is a half product-marketing agency, half media production company based in Sunnyvale, California, with offices in Mumbai, and Bengaluru, India.

They offer full explainer video services from conceptualization and scripts to  storyboards, and screen recording your videos.

They only work with SaaS/Software products and Internet platforms. Since they were founded in 2020, Content Beta has quickly built up a solid reputation and delivered quality content speedily and cost-effectively to over 100 top SaaS and software companies across the globe.

Clients: Flipkart | Kissflow | dynamic yield | | Lawcus | DirectIQ | ManyChat | | Galley | and others

Average Pricing: A product explainer video of up to 1-minute duration costs $2400 and is delivered in under 3 weeks.

Example work:

This animated explainer video example created for the Arrowstream software platform explains how it helps corporate restaurant operators to better manage their supply chains using data, in under a minute.

The structure of the video enables viewers to see where exactly they are facing challenges and how the software can help overcome them. The peppy voiceover and nifty animations make for engaging viewing.

6. BluBlu Studios

This Chicao-based animation production company which was founded in 2011 has gone on to create award-winning animated content and helped both small players and Fortune 500 brands with their explainer videos that rely on storytelling and distinct design to convey the message.

Among the many awards they won are Telly Awards 2021 - Golden Telly Winner and TOP Creative Agencies 2019 (Clutch).

Clients: The Oscars Academy | The New York Times | Singapore Airlines | Twitter | Amex | Forbes | and more.

Average Pricing: $5,000+

Example work:

This 2D animated explainer video example is created for Lenovo. It describes how their laptops, VR classes, and hybrid classroom solutions are helping teachers and students alike and making learning better for everyone.

The video follows a student as he goes about attending classes and using various facilities. No voiceover has been used as the clever use of a combination of graphics and onscreen action creates an immersive experience for the viewers.

7. IdeaRocket

Founded in 2012 in New York, IdeaRocket provides concept-to-delivery production services, which include a full range of services from script writing to final editing and sound design using techniques such as 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics animation, and whiteboard animation.

Clients: Ford Motors | Citigroup | Pfizer | Deloitte | Lockheed Martin | Venmo | Ralph Lauren and others

Average Pricing: $10,000+

Example work:

The animated explainer video example was designed for Tavant, a company that provides AI-powered solutions that use ML algorithms to improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

This video uses simple graphics and clear explanations to describe how an average mortgage loan can take more than 50 days to close as dozens of documents need to be tracked, resulting in processing and underwriting delays, and how Tavant can help close a mortgage faster using touchless lending.

The video works well because it takes on a common problem and provides the solution in simple language.

8. Levitate Media

The Levitate team has been creating affordable videos to increase brand impact since 2009. This San Francisco-based company takes pride in guiding clients through the entire production process -- from initial concept to final product.

Clients: Vogue | Amdocs | E2open | Aerohive | Egnyte | OneSource Virtual | Global Brand Works | and more

Average Pricing: $1,000+

Example work:

This animated explainer video example uses motion graphics to explain why today’s cyber landscape needs AI-based tools to inspect, analyze, report, and react to cyber threats in real-time, and how Cloudcover “B1” platform can help.

The video showcases how the optimum use of motion graphics can help simplify complex concepts.

9. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a Chicago-based video production company, established way back in 2021. Their mission is to be more than just another video maker; they want to be a true partner to their clients.

Their videos simplify complex concepts and educate customers through storytelling, thus humanizing brands and increasing engagement rates.

Clients: GEICO | Netflix | Midwestern Pet Foods | American Public Media | Canon | and more

Average Pricing: $10,000+

Example work:

This animated explainer video example created for GoFundMe explains how donors’ generosity can change people’s lives. This video describes how to start and manage a GoFundMe fundraiser while showcasing the various people and the causes they can support.

The video uses two voiceover artists, which works well to explain the subject being discussed. The use of the right background music creates a mood befitting the occasion.

10. Epipheo

Cincinnati-based Epipheo is a video agency founded in 2009. The company has grown into one of the world's largest explainer video production companies, and have delivered over 5000 animated and live-action videos to enterprise and consumer companies.

Clients: P&G | Dupont | Google | Microsoft | Cisco | Intel | Mercedes | Motorola | Deloitte | and more

Average Pricing: $10,000+

Example work:

This animated explainer video example was created for AON, the insurance company, and features Bill who is looking for a perfect multi-level insurance plan.

The video describes the many challenges faced by him, such as having to choose from too many options and the practice of insurance companies tucking away important details in fine print. The video explains how AON can help him clear up the confusion and find the right plan for his needs.

PART II: Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Software

To create high-quality, visually-appealing explainer videos that will help you get your message across, your first option should be to hire an animated explainer video production company that offers explainer video services, preferably through remote video production facilities.

It would be unwise to spend money without the guarantee of a reasonable return on investment if you are new to the medium. However, if you feel it is something you can do in-house, you can use the following animated explainer video software:


Sr. No. Software Features Useful For
1 Powtoon Easy to work with and provides 5 styles Experienced content creators can get the best out of it 
2 Renderforest Provides templates | Video editor with timelines Professionals looking for many different styles
3 Moovly Provides templates | Video editor with timelines

Marketers | Startups

4 Toonly Desktop version only People with no video editing experience
5 Wideo Cloud-based | No timelines Marketers | Startups
6 Biteable Online video creator with templates| timeline and Scene-by-scene editing Small businesses
7 VideoScribe Whiteboard animation maker Offline creators who are more comfortable with desktop software
8 Vyond Highly customizable custom characters Marketers | Startups
9 Rawshorts Comes with AI capabilities Small business owners
10 Animoto Available for Android and iOS Basic videos for freelancers and beginners

1. Powtoon

Powtoon is a popular animated video software and creating an explainer video with it is straightforward. Simply choose a style and search the templates to get started.

1 Used by Coca Cola | Pfizer | eBay | Cisco
2 Plus

Offers 5 template styles - Modern Edge | Whiteboard | Cartoon | Infographic | Real <br>

You have the option to create the video by editing a template or using it as a base.

3 Minus Steep learning curve
4 Pricing (Annual) Lite: $20 p.m. | Professional: $60 p.m. | Business: $100 p.m. | Enterprise

Example: To see how you can create animated videos using Powtoon, watch this video:

2. Renderforest

Renderforest animation offers the following styles of animated templates:

Healthcare, educational, and business character animations, 2D and 3D animations, infographic animation toolkits, promotional animation templates, and more. A video can be as long as 60 minutes or as short as 3 minutes.

1 Used by Meta | | Stanford | Hootsuite
2 Plus Select a style pack for your video, add your content text, and the AI will choose the scenes.
3 Minus You cannot retain the content if you choose to change your style pack later.
4 Pricing (Annual) Free | Lite: $14.99 p.m. | Pro: $29.99 p.m. | 
Business: $34.99 p.m.

Example: To see how you can create animated videos using Renderforest, watch this video:

3. Moovly

Moovly is an online platform that allows you to create animated videos, company videos, product explainers, and more. They use a simple, library-based drag-and-drop interface. Further, you can upload your media along with library assets provided by them.

1 Used by teradata | amadeus | Cisco | Logitech | Continental
2 Plus It is easy to use and you can export your content in any video format.
3 Minus The editor can be a little clunky and needs getting used to.
4 Pricing (Annual) Pro - $99 p.m. | Max - $199 p.m. | Enterprise: Custom Pricing

Example: To see how you can create animated videos using Moovly, watch this video:

4. Toonly

Toonly is a simple drag-and-drop explainer video creator using which you can drag and drop the props and characters on the canvas and animate them the way you want. It comes in both Windows and Mac versions.

1 Used by NA
2 Plus Intuitive and easy to use. | Options include using pre-set scenes or building using a blank canvas. 
3 Minus Limited customization options
4 Pricing (Annual) Standard - $20 p.m. | Enterprise - $40 p.m.

5. Wideo

It's a cloud-based software with a timeline editor that can be used by SMBs or marketing professionals to create videos quickly, add assets, and animate in just a few clicks.

1 Used by Sprint | Staple | Discovery | University of Toronto
2 Plus You can sign up for a free trial without a credit card | You can upload your videos or select from stock videos 
3 Minus Limited customization options
4 Pricing (Annual) Free | Basic - $19 p.m. | Pro - $39 p.m. | Pro+ - $79 p.m. 

Example: To see how you can create animated videos using Wideo templates, watch this video:

6. Biteable

With Biteable, you can create animations for any business or idea and choose from a number of animation styles. The platform also offers remote collaboration, simple sharing, and powerful analytics.

1 Used by Nike | Upwork | rev | Stanford University | Siemens
2 Plus Easily customizable pre-made templates
3 Minus Some pre-designed templates allow only limited editing.
4 Pricing (Annual) Pro - 1 Member - $49 p.m. | Teams - 3 Members - $99 p.m.

Example: To see how you can create animated videos using Biteable, watch this video:

7. VideoScribe

Primarily known for its whiteboard animation capabilities, Video Scribe is a drag-and-drop animated video maker that works with both Windows and Mac. It offers a variety of templates suitable for educators, marketers, and businesses.

1 Used by Deloitte | Michelin | Unicef | Lego | Bosch
2 Plus You can work offline and import Audio/voice-over recording
3 Minus Limited templates for animated explainers | Not available online
4 Pricing (Annual) Free trial - 7 Days | Monthly plan - $20.65 | Annual plan - $9.44 | Team plans

Example: To learn more about VideoScribe, watch this video:

8. Vyond

Vyond is a video creation studio that enables your business to quickly create relevant, engaging videos by dropping in content and fine-tuning using industry-specific templated scenes and videos.

1 Used by | Parabol | Converging Solutions
2 Plus Compliant with ISO27001, GDPR, and CCPA | Privacy Shield certified
3 Minus Videos tend to look similar.
4 Pricing (Annual) Essential - $25 p.m. | Premium - $54 p.m. | Professional - $83 p.m. | Enterprise

Example: To learn more about how to use Vyond, watch this video:

9. Rawshorts

Rawshorts is an online explainer video maker that helps create explainer videos with AI, using templates, and the Storyboard Wizard.

1 Used by Coca Cola | Capital One | IBM | Sony | Pfizer
2 Plus You can convert text into explainer videos using artificial intelligence | Royalty-free media library 
3 Minus Limited scope for color and movement personalization 
4 Pricing (Annual) Free trial | Essential - $20 p.m. | Business - $30 p.m.

10. Animoto

Animoto is a simple drag-and-drop video maker that allows you to apply your brand, customize, download in 1080p, and share directly from Animoto with integrated social sharing, embedding, and email options.

1 Used by Buffer | Shopify | Fundy Designer | Crate and Barrel
2 Plus Free stock photo library | Add your logo to videos as a watermark
3 Minus Videos are basic | Limited templates 
4 Pricing (Annual) Free | Basic - $8 p.m. | Professional - $15 p.m. | Professional Plus - $39 p.m.

Example: To learn more about how to use Animoto, watch this video:

Animated Explainer Videos: Advantages & Disadvantages

There are many ways to create an explainer video. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using them.


  • Increased customer engagement and customer retention
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Increased traffic and conversions
  • Easily shareable content


  • Time-consuming to create
  • Technical challenges
  • Difficult to Update

Animated Explainer Video Agencies: Advantages & Disadvantages

Hiring an animated explainer video service offers many advantages. They have some drawbacks too. Let’s look at both:


By hiring an animated explainer video agency, B2B brands can

  • Tap into a range of expertise and resources to create high-quality, engaging, and cost-effective explainer videos that support their brand messaging and marketing objectives.
  • Use their deep understanding of the target audience, the right technologies and tools, and the creative know-how to produce an explainer video that stands out.


  • For businesses on a tight budget or those who have specific goals in mind, hiring an explainer video agency may be challenging.
  • Lack of control over the creative process.
  • Risk of compromising quality due to time constraints.

Animated Explainer Video Softwares: Advantages & Disadvantages

For those who have no expertise or time, video softwares can be a useful option. Let’s examine the pros and cons:


  • They offer features like drag-and drop to create basic videos.
  • They are a good fit for freelancers and small companies.


  • They are often expensive for the features they offer.
  • They require you to know the basics of video editing and putting together a professional video can be difficult.


To create the best animated explainer videos, you need the best explainer video software and services. In this article, we saw some of the top animated explainer video software and best animated explainer video companies you can hire to create your next explainer video project.

Finally, creating a successful explainer video can be an intimidating task. But if you use the right animated explainer video software and agencies, it doesn't have to be.


1. How much do animated explainer videos cost?

We saw in our discussion that animated explainer video pricing tends to vary. However, top explainer video companies like Explainer Video Hero charge $2000 per minute for animated explainer videos and $1,000 per minute for a live-action explainer video. You can avail their explainer video services via remote video production facilities.

2. Why are animated explainer videos important for B2B brands?

Animated explainer videos can reach a wide audience, as they can be easily posted on social media platforms or websites. They are a great way to capture attention quickly and keep viewers engaged throughout the entire video. They are also beneficial for businesses from an SEO perspective, as they include relevant keywords that will help them rank higher in search engine results pages.

3. What are the limitations of animated explainer videos?

Creating an explainer video requires a lot of time and effort to create, edit, and produce. The production process is often difficult to execute with accuracy if there isn't enough expertise in the team making the video. That’s why if you don’t know how to make an explainer video, you can avail the services offered by professional explainer video services to create the videos for them.

4. What makes a good animated explainer video?

The best animated explainer videos are more about viewers than they are about your company. They should use storytelling to inform users how your product can solve users’ challenges. It should be technically sound, with equal attention paid to audio and video. You should not make it too long or short, but should describe the usefulness of your product in the shortest time possible.