Top 12 Reasons Why Corporate Explainer Video Can Help Scale Your Business

Top 12 Reasons Why Corporate Explainer Video Can Help Scale Your Business
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Corporate explainer videos can help you scale your business like no other marketing strategy. The videos when targeted at the right audience can boost brand awareness and your business’s credibility. Ultimately, you will receive quality leads that will help grow your business.

By creating people-centric video content, you can reach a wider audience than ever before. Moreover, explainer videos have become so popular with B2B Marketers that 71% of them are using video marketing, according to Social Shepherd.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top 12 reasons why corporate explainer videos can help scale your business. This blog post is divided into 2 sections:

  • Part I: 12 Reasons why corporate explainer videos help businesses scale
  • Part II: What B2B brands need to know about corporate explainer videos

Part I: 12 Reasons Why Corporate Explainer Videos Help Businesses Scale

In this section, we will look at the top 12 reasons to know why corporate explainer videos can help you scale your business.

1. They help engage with your target audience

Promoting your products or services the right way can be challenging if you do not factor in your target audience. This is where an explainer video can help by allowing you to connect with your audience quickly and easily. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that.

B2B brands can use an explainer video to:

  • Make customers trust that your product or service can solve their business problems.
  • Reach a wider audience including young buyers who are more comfortable with video ads.

Watch this explainer video example from UpSend, a platform that streamlines customer service.

2. They improve search visibility

A well-crafted explainer video can help increase visibility for your B2B brand in SERP. This can dramatically increase your website traffic. Let’s see how Google and other search engine regard helpful video content:

  • They favor multimedia content such as videos and images because they consider them valuable content that helps you stand out from the competitors’ content.
  • They reward your website by making it appear higher in the search results by targeting specific keywords related to your business and product.
  • They rank you higher which helps you increase the time visitors spend on your website.

Watch this short, engaging, and informative explainer video example from Ibexa, a B2B digital experience platform, created by Explainer Video Hero.

3. They convey your message faster

Explainer videos are visually engaging and provide viewers with an easy-to-digest overview of what your product or service offers. Let’s see how they help get your message across:

  • They can make it easier for viewers to understand the gist of your message, which helps prospects move through the sales funnel faster.
  • They are perfect for situations where brevity is key. You can share important information with your viewers without bogging them down with long text blocks or complex graphics.

Watch this 30 second explainer video from Pipe, a modern capital platform, that manages to convey its message in 24 seconds.

4. They enhance brand image

Explainer videos can enhance your brand image as they provide a professional and visually stimulating medium to tell your story. When used strategically, explainer videos can help your B2B brand provide the following benefits:

  • Present a clear overview of your product or service.
  • Make your customers feel comfortable engaging with your brand.
  • Impress your target audience and convince them to become your loyal customers.

Watch this brand explainer video example from AirWallex, a financial technology company.

5. They strengthen customer relationships

Explainer videos can help your B2B brand connect with your customers on a deeper level using storytelling. They improve the likelihood of the viewers connecting with your brand.

Let’s look at other benefits:

  • Explainer videos describe how customers can use a product or service more effectively. They won’t have to keep knocking on your door just to be able to use the product.
  • They answer commonly asked questions about a product. They send out the message that they care about their customer’s needs and are willing to go the extra mile to help them out. This gesture can positively impact customer retention rates.

Watch this explainer video example from Salesforce about customer relationship management that has over 5.4 million views.

6. They enhance product demos

With corporate explainer videos, your product demos are no longer the yawn-inducing shows for the following reasons:

  • Explainer videos use visuals, animation, and voiceover to quickly and effectively show customers how a product works.
  • Making a purchase decision is easier when customers understand the value of the product.
  • They use customer testimonials, reviews, and stories that not only reinforce your brand name but also to win over lost customers.

Watch this product explainer video from Arrowstream, a software platform that helps corporate restaurant operators.

7. They improve UX

Explainer videos provide a more engaging and interactive user experience to learn about your product or service.

  • They combine visual elements, audio, and text to improve communication.
  • They help customers quickly grasp the benefits of using your product or service resulting in faster conversion, increased sales , and improved customer relationships.

Watch this corporate explainer video example from Recurly that sums up the product benefits using various UI elements.

8. They help you reach a global audience

Explainer videos can help you reach a global audience because you can share them on social media platforms.

  • This helps your business from stagnating as you have access to a fresh set of people who can help you reach even more people.  
  • If you're a global brand, you can repurpose your explainer videos into multiple languages.

Watch this well-made explainer video example from Slack, which cuts across geographical barriers and appeals to all types of audiences.

9. They educate customers

Video explainers are great customer education tools that can simplify complex messages.

  • Informed customers or prospects means they are comfortable using it and maybe even recommend it to others.
  • By providing troubleshooting and performance advice, they can help customers be self-sufficient.

Watch this corporate explainer video example from Nacho Nacho, a  B2B SaaS Marketplace, that educates viewers using plenty of supporting data.

10. They generate leads and increases sales

A great advantage of explainer videos is that they can generate more qualified leads, who can be immediately converted into potential customers.

How do explainer videos achieve it?

  • They use visual aids such as animations or graphics to draw in viewers who might not be interested in reading text content.
  • They showcase various product features and capabilities to convince potential customers how their business can benefit from using a product.

Watch this explainer video example from myCoI – an application that automates insurance certificate requests, collection, and compliance resolution – that easily explains a complex concept like compliance.

11. They increase conversion rates

Corporate explainer videos make it easier for potential customers to understand and purchase a product or service, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful conversion.

  • Video explainers are particularly effective when demonstrating features and benefits of complex products.
  • They create higher levels of customer trust and satisfaction, resulting in better conversion rates.

For example, construction companies are always on the lookout for a product that can help them address their pain points. Here is an example of an explainer video from Buildots that explains how their product can help.

12. They help you project why you are special

Explainer videos can help your business position itself as an industry leader.

  • Explainer videos highlight the company's values, mission, and culture to create an emotional connection with the brand that will result in increased customer loyalty.
  • Through supporting data and engaging visuals, they tell a story that engages viewers.
  • They educate customers rather than making aggressive sales pitches.

Watch this explainer video example from Intercom, a business messaging platform, that stands out for its optimum use of colors, animations, and voiceover.

Part II: What Companies Need to Know About Corporate Explainer Videos

There's no doubt that the use of corporate explainer videos is booming. However, not all explainer videos are created the same way. To make the most of your video marketing strategy, you need to focus on the right target audience as well as 4 additional strategies:

1. Calculate ROI

Corporate explainer video ROI (return on investment) is an important consideration. You should carefully consider how much it will cost to create and release a video and how it can help improve brand awareness and customer loyalty.

The answers to these questions will help you decide whether your business should invest in a corporate explainer video. Here is a video that tells you more about ROI and how to calculate it.

Here are some pointers to calculate ROI:

2. Embrace change

Your business should embrace corporate explainer videos not only for their increased ROI and brand awareness, but also because they are cost-effective marketing tools.

Explainer videos can work equally well for big corporations and small & medium businesses. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on ad campaigns that don't work, investing in a corporate explainer video could help drive website traffic and conversions.

Here is a good resource from Explainer Video Hero that discusses how to generate leads using explainer video campaigns.

3. Stick to basics

To create an effective explainer video, it's important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Showcase your brand's core values.
  • Educate potential customers about your services or products.
  • Highlight the benefits of using your services or products.
  • Use graphics and animation to break up the text and make it more engaging.
  • Make sure that the video is optimized for SEO and online visibility.

4. Find a partner

In case you don't know how to make an explainer video for your business, you can outsource the task to a reputable animated explainer video company.

The agency you hire, however, should fulfill at least half of the following criteria:

A top explainer video company should have a good portfolio and offer remote video production services.It should have produced other variations of standard explainers, such as SaaS explainer videos, 30 second explainer videos, 3D animated explainer videos, etc. Last but not least, it should offer affordable and fast explainer video services.

Explainer video cost varies widely from agency to agency. In contrast, Explainer Video Hero offers flat for explainer video pricing and offers remote production services:


Corporate explainer videos are a great way to scale your business. They can make it easy for you to reach your target audience by promoting your brand and demystify your product.

Investing in the best explainer videos is also important for creating long-term customer loyalty and trust. With the right strategy in place, corporate explainer videos can be an effective tool for helping your business reach its goals.


1. Why should you optimize your corporate explainer videos?

When you search-engine-optimize your videos, you increase their visibility on the web and attract more leads from potential customers. In addition, SEO videos tend to have higher conversion rates – meaning that people are more likely to purchase your product or service.

2. How can corporate explainer videos help scale your business?

Animation explainer videos help build trust and credibility for your business as well as help scale your business by engaging with customers and boosting brand awareness. They simplify complex concepts, boost online visibility, generate qualified leads, and educate to sell. Lastly, they provide excellent marketing ROI.

3. How to make corporate explainer videos engaging and memorable?

Showcase how your products or services can help people in unique ways.Make sure that the visuals are eye-catching and fun. Make your explainer videos educational and relatable. Don't be afraid to use humor – customers love being entertained while learning something new!

4. Why should you share a corporate explainer video on social media?

You can use explainer videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your business. In addition, you can measure campaign success and rework your marketing strategies using analytics software and social media tracking tools.